Port Campbell

Post breakfast hike at Cape Otway.

Cautious girl is very cautious.

We kept telling to look forward instead of looking down at the gaps between the plank.

“But what if you fall through the holes? Then no more you already!” Says Clarissa the teacher.


I’ll have to say she’s quite a trooper walking through all of these on her own.

The grass, the landscape, the clouds, the sky, and what the hubs and I call the “fake” sheep because they don’t seem to be moving.

Cheeky baby was deliberately throwing the water bottle away to get a reaction from me.

We really gave her whatever we could to keep her entertained. Water bottles, biscuits, caps, wet wipes, handkerchief.

Which worked pretty much for the first few days except that second night.

The Twelve Apostles.

I’ll have to be honest and say I didn’t learn much about it.

The scenery was great, but I couldn’t quite appreciate the meaning behind it.

We went to the national park too. By then Clarissa was tired and Allie was (finally) napping in the carrier.

Loch Ard Gorge.

By then both girls were up and energized.

Allie was hiding from the glaring sunlight but would open her eyes and hands momentarily to get a rice cracker from me and then eat the biscuit with her eyes closed. 😅

Our accommodation for the night.

With an entire basket of toys.

What’s not to love?

Allie, as usual.

Dinner was from Frying Nemo!

For once my room was on the top floor instead of the first!

Featuring Pointing Allie and Jiejie’s feet. 😆

I like this room because it feels safe for Allie to crawl around in, as long as the room door is closed.

Day 5 preview.

I left Clarissa and Allie in the room while I packed.

I tasked Clarissa with playing with Allie and stopping her with doing anything dangerous, and she came up with a random pretend play of showering themselves.

The window is the bathroom and the levers for the blind is the shower head.

They did that for at least a good half and hour, perhaps more.

This was possible only because the room was safe enough and Clarissa is a trustworthy big sister.

Even though Day 5 was one of our toughest yet, I’m glad I’ve captured this beautiful moment of the two girls doing something together, and of me feeling thankful to have them.

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