A lot like Christmas

It’s been quite a week.

Squeezing 5 days worth of work and meetings into 4, and before the Christmas break, was, no, joke.

Clarissa wasn’t feeling well on Wednesday so we let her stay at home thinking it was probably a one-off thing.

But by noon she felt worse and I had my FIL ringing me twice in less than 15 minutes.

It was too late to visit her regular PD and by then most paediatric clinics would be closed and open only in the evening.

So I was looking for options while chomping down my miserable lunch from Starbucks because the previous meeting overran so much it ate into more than half of my lunch time, while discussing options with the hubs over whatsapp.

I’d suggested a nearby clinic which opens in the morning, and then 2-4, and then 630-830pm.

I was going to rush home after my back to back meetings and go for the 630-830pm slots.

And then the hubs said he’d take urgent half day leave to take Clarissa to the doctor, going for the 2-4pm slots instead.

I have to admit, I felt relieved but uncomfortable.

So I said thank you, while he said there is no need to thank because Clarissa is his daughter too? Lol.

I also have to admit, I thought that made a lot of sense.

I guess I take a lot upon myself to be the primary caregiver even though I gripe about it.

I feel tired about always being the one to rush home, and yet I feel bad about not being about to drop all the meetings and be the first one to get home.

It was Ah-ah day care on Thursday.

She was feeling better but was too lethargic to go to school.

She didn’t sleep very well for 2 nights in a row.

I’d already taken leave for today with some grand plans for breakfast, massage and/shopping and hair cut and color.

Clarissa was ok in the morning but still wasn’t feeling up to it for school, and we didn’t want her to catch any more viruses..

I kept asking her to stay at home to rest but she got so emotional so I brought her along for my breakfast meet up with Sim!

Prata was good!

But the catchup was better.

Clarissa sat beside us eating bread and playing with her toys.. and when she got a little restless, Auntie Sim gave her her Christmas present and got her to open it.. which bought us probably another 45 minutes to talk. πŸ˜†

She’s so happy with her new toy!

So is Allie, instigated by Jiejie to also open her present from Auntie Sim. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

We did a supermarket followed by a post office run, got gongcha for myself and lunch for my helper before walking back with all the shopping bags in one hand and Clarissa’s hand in the other.

It was super tiring. πŸ˜‚

Settled her lunch, shower and nap (and her emotions πŸ˜‚) before I headed out again.

What was in my shopping bag (besides tangyuan for tomorrow).

My friend and I had planned to go to our hairdresser before she migrates to Darwin in January and a few weeks back we made an appointment with her for this afternoon.

Gosh we’ve been going to her since our university days!

We thought about what to give her as a farewell gift and decided on these pre-mixes and also some kaya from yakun.

My friend was asking if she should still buy the kaya and i said yes! Make it a wholesome experience from breakfast to dinner. πŸ˜†

The kind of random stuff I say.. turns out to be quite funny and well received lol.

After a back breaking 3 hours of looking like a Christmas tree, tadah! I did highlights and got a hair cut.

More presents!

Matching dresses for the girls, which Allie kept trying to put on but always landing up on her head or shoulders.

She held the dress up while walking to her Yaya gleaming like a happy kid showing her Yaya the dress.

Luggages in the background because the helper’s going on home leave tomorrow for 2 weeks.

We will both be on leave on Christmas eve but it’d be just me with the girls for the subsequent two weeks.

When my FIL called just now to ask us to go to the temple tomorrow, I told about the helper going on home leave from tomorrow.

His first reaction was, so you are going to take care of the girls on your own for two weeks??



I’m not offended and in fact I find his reaction and his utterly serious tone (he really wasn’t joking) quite funny.

I’m not domestically inclined; I can’t cook or clean very well.

I won’t deny that. πŸ˜‚

But I’m not that jialat (bad)?

I’m the girls’ go-to person for almost everything? I buy groceries every week? I keep the household running? πŸ˜‚

It just makes me wonder why he, or my mum, and (I’m sure) our relatives, think I’m that incompetent at home.

When I tried to assure him I should be ok, he said, “You’d better ask your sisters to come and help.”

Woes of a full time working mum?

Because it’s such a mouthful, people probably only see the parts about “full time working” and not “mum”.

In fact it is very much 2 jobs – “Full-time worker” and “full-time mum”?

(This is not a debate about Stay-at-home mums vs Full-time working mums ok? I have utmost respect for SAHMs and friends who are SAHMs.)

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