Boxing day

Says the title but only because this entry is written today. πŸ˜†

It’s really going to be a mixed chronological account of the days leading up to today.

I had a frazzled start this morning trying to put things in the right places around the house, with a certain little someone following behind me everywhere.

She got increasingly clingy and that was when I realised she’d pooped.

I quickly prepared the bath water (it was shower time anyway) and got her cleaned up.

Made her nap while waiting for the part-time cleaner to arrive.

I find it slightly ridiculous that our house is so not clean (or not so clean) despite having a helper. πŸ˜‚

It irritates me sometimes, to see dust floating around, oil coating the kitchen surfaces and things strewn all over the place, and finding pieces of toys in different areas of the house. Heck, even the sofa we sit on everyday is dusty.

There really is no perfect helper and since the priority is Allie, I can only hope that these are compromised because she’s channelling most of her attention on Allie.

Anyway I figured I could do the cleaning these two weeks, but it really isn’t my forte πŸ˜… and wouldn’t be the best use of time and resources.. so I’ll do the basic stuff while the part-time cleaner does the heavy lifting once a week.

Hope to surprise the helper with a sparkling clean house when she returns at the end of next week? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The days leading up to Christmas have been.. nuts.

I woke up at 5am on Saturday with a bad tummy ache.. and by the time everyone woke up I’d probably ran to the toilet 5 times.

It was so bad that I was totally weak and wobbly by the time the hubs took me to the doctor.

Played with Allie while the hubs and Clarissa took the helper to the airport.

I didn’t have any more runs after taking the meds, but I felt nauseous the entire day and couldn’t really eat much.

After the girls slept I got up to take my meds.. and something went wrong down the pipes.. and I did a major merlion.

Had to shower, wash my hair and brush my teeth all over again.

But I felt better the next day, which was spent at home with the girls doing pretty much nothing.

And then it was Christmas eve.

Breakfast girls. 😊😊

Lunch before our staycation!

She was saying, hey this looks like a dog’s bowl! πŸ˜‚

This one just sat and watched us eat.

I felt a little sick after lunch, even though I didn’t eat much.

Pre check-in drinks.

I’d unwittingly booked us in the Valley Wing of Shangri La hotel, which had a separate check-in lounge from the main hotel wing and according to the hotel staff, a “more luxurious” section of the hotel.

Indeed the service was great, and they provide tea breaks and drinks throughout (free! well, kinda..) the day.

Our one-bedroom suite for the night.

This is Allie’s first staycation!

Famfie on point!

We tried (in vain) to make the girls nap.

So off we went, for the highlight of the day.

The reason why I booked us at Shangri la.

Hotel guests pay $28 per entry per child with one accompanying adult, for 3 hours.

I thought it’d be fun for the kids and less tiring for the adults lol.

We started at the big playground for older kids before I took Allie over to the small playground for toddlers.

Clarissa and Daddy joined us after a while and we were at the toddler’s playground for most of the 1.5 hours because Clarissa wanted to be with Allie.

This swinging thing, my friends, is the best invention ever.

It does not matter, even if I don’t know what it’s called. 🀣

Allie stayed in it for more than 30 minutes and had so much fun!

Much better than having to help her up and down the slide. My back was breaking and i was getting a little nauseous again.

I took so many videos of her performing stunts in it!

Makes me happy watching her.

Cheers to the toddler’s playground. πŸ˜†

I was afraid she’d feel like she’d missed out on the big kids’ stuff so I offered to bring Allie along to play in the ball pit while she played on the bigger-scale slides and everything.

But she wasn’t very into it, also because she saw..

Santa Claus!


She went forward to greet Santa before getting her treat.

Teabreak while I fed Allie.

I was telling the hubs this was a good plan because I could feed her gracefully while she was seated.

We’d already ordered dinner from Tim Ho Wan, thanks to foodpanda, but I thought it’d be better to feed Allie first while Clarissa and the hubs grabbed some small bites.

Sadly I couldn’t stomach any champagne or wine! Of all days for the tummy to act up!

Obligatory photo with the Christmas tree.

Had an underwhelming dinner of congee which I could not finish, showered both girls together in the bath tub, gave them their milk.. and both of them fell asleep by 9pm.

I took a hot shower too, and went into the living room to the hubs playing games on his phone.


He ended up sleeping on the couch that night because he tried to sleep in the room but Allie woke up when he snored. πŸ˜…

I told him it was ok but he insisted on sleeping on the couch.

Allie stirred once in the middle of the night, but went back to sleep.

I slept ok, waking up but going back to sleep each time the girls tossed and turned in bed.

I was up at 530am and Allie stirred at the same time. She repositioned herself to a comfortable spot under my armpits.. and continued sleeping for another hour.

By 630am both girls were up and I made milk for them.

Got the hubs to sleep in the room while I took the girls out to the living room to play.

Bed hair lol.

Clarissa and I had grapes from the fruit basket.

While Allie explored the room.

More bed hair.

Allie saw us taking wefies and invited herself to join us.

Shortly after we took this photo, Clarissa and I looked at each other and said, “something smells funny!”

It turned out that Allie has pooped.

Clarissa ran into the room to announce her discovery to Daddy even though I was planning to let him sleep for another 20 minutes.

Washed Allie up and everyone got ready for breakfast.

Though Clarissa went in her pjs because I only brought one change of clothes for her after swimming. While putting on her shoes she said, “But these shoes don’t match with the pyjamas.” Lol oops.

We were given 4 venue options for breakfast and we decided to go to the Line.

This is the kids’ section.

Cornflakes for Jiejie.

Puree for Meimei.

So dirty because she was so kaypo looking around I kept missing her mouth? πŸ˜‚

Who says I’m kaypo!?

Ok lah I’m a bit kaypo.

Highlight of the day!




Happy faces.

Hahaha I love how Jiejie looks like she walked into our photo.

Back to the room after swimming for an hour!

Love the kid’s bathrobe they provide in the room.

We managed to get a late check-out for 2pm!

Usually the latest we can get (from hotels in general) is 1pm? We were prepared to be rejected since it’s Christmas and we thought they’d be very busy. But they gave us the 2 hours without any hesitation.

So off we went to the lounge again after feeding Allie the banana from the fruit basket.

Milk would have been nice but we used up the only backup feed I packed and there was no more milk powder left.

Thank goodness she ate well!

Cheeky as usual.

I didn’t manage to capture a photo but she was extending her arm through the opening and waving hello to the other guests walking by or sitting opposite us, and grinning mischievously.

Jiejie joined in the fun too.

Caught the Christmas caroling!

Allie clapped after every song! πŸ˜†

But fell asleep while they were singing “Silent Night”.

It’s a wrap!

I think I’ll be back again, to properly enjoy the drinks and food.

The girls definitely had fun, which was the point!

The girls took an epic 3-hour nap (very epic, by Allie’s standards in fact) at home and off we went for dinner at Orient Palace.

Very pleased with her Christmas presents

So much love from their Yi-yis.

I didn’t manage to take a photo of the duck on fire.

But my mum said, δΈθ¦η΄§ε•¦οΌŒθ‡³ε°‘ζ‹εˆ°εΈ…ε“₯!

(Never mind, at least you caught the handsome man.)

Which made the chef laugh so shyly lol.

Unstoppable is her middle name.

Her Yi-yis (and us) took turns following her around.

I let them roam because the restaurant was very spacious and there weren’t many people around.

What we came here for.

Hahaha the food is very decent! Worth the effort to drive down.


Practising her δΈ€ι˜³ζŒ‡ with her Yi-yis.

She finds it amusing when we say bzzt! as our fingers touch.

One with the pigs.

Quick gift presentation before bedtime.

Very happy girls!

To be honest we didn’t buy them specifically for Allie, but they would have to share anyway.

I wanted to buy only one but Daddy the big kid said, let’s buy 5! Lol.

We eventually compromised and bought 3.

Paw Patrol to the lookout!

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