3 days

I ended up not going to the office for 3 days straight.

Wednesday – After seeing the doctor, I had grand plans of writing my recos. But post lunch I felt light headed and feverish so I took a nap. Woke up to attend to the house visit by the CCTV guy. And for the entire afternoon and evening I was feeling the chills and basically very lethargic.

Thursday – I woke with the same pain in my throat and body ache. My plan was to call in for an important meeting, and then rest a little in the afternoon. But I ended up working the entire day.

My very kind colleague and friend texted me to tell me not to go to office the next day because talking and AC would only make only worse. She suggested I postpone the agency meeting on Friday (which is today).

Why didn’t I think of that?


Must be mummy’s + infection infested brain.

I quickly sent an email to the agency to postpone our meeting.

Today – Throat is still painful but getting better. Still breathing through one nostril. Glad I decided to work from home.

I worked and worked and worked.

Ok, end of mundane report.


Of course the blessing in disguise is that I got to see the girls in action.

(Though I tried my best not to get too close to Allie or munch her chubby cheeks. 😆)

On the boggie board:






I think she can write all the capital letters and some small letters of the alphabet.

She is also able to write her surname in Chinese!

Meimei, on the other hand, keeps disturbing Jiejie.

She’d pretend to walk away or do something else, but then I would catch that mischievous glint in her eyes and she’d reach forward quickly to press the Erase button.

What she does while I’m working.

Of course I wouldn’t have caught this funny and heartwarming interaction if I weren’t sick at home.

It’s become a routine for her.

When my FIL did not visit yesterday after her lunchtime, which is when he usually comes and takes her downstairs for a walk, Allie kept going to the shoe cabinet amd pointing at the door, saying “Ahhh goom! Ahhh goom!”

He ended up dropping by after her nap with some fish but didn’t intend to take her down for a walk because the lift was down and there was somewhere else he had to go to.

So he said goodbye to her and closed the gate.. and Allie cried and cried and cried.

Until Ah-gong gave in and brought her downstairs omg. 😂

She was supposed to let me put on her shoes for her but when she heard Ah-gong coming out of the toilet, she brought her shoe over to him instead.

The hubs says he has a love rival now. 🤣🤣

I’m just so glad that Allie is close to her Ah-gong!

Gave her some ginseng water but of course she took the opportunity to blow bubbles and spit out the water.

But there were times she forgot to spit the water out and end up swallowing the ginseng water so she drank quite a fair bit. 🤣

Lazy to retype so here’s the story.

Jiejie is hilarious too.

Lazy to add quote marks but essentially these were what she said.

This evening has been rather trying though.

Clarissa stepped on Allie’s hand, Allie cried and I told Clarissa, as nicely as I could, to apologise to Allie and sayang her.

The same way whenever she cries about Allie stepping on her or hitting her accidentally or deliberately.

Somehow she took it badly and started wailing.

Allie tried to help by taking a piece of tissue paper and climbing up the sofa to wipe Jiejie’s face. 😂

But it didn’t help.

The hubs called and spoke to her.

She stopped crying but was sulky all the way till shower time.

She refused to say good night to Allie and was dragging all her movements.

I was mustering aaallllll the patience I have in my bones, body and soul not to shout at her.

As it was, my throat still hurt, my entire body was aching, my shoulders felt like they were collapsing and my head was throbbing.

So I told her to think about it and come into the room when she was ready.

She ended up dozing off on the sofa. 😅

I had to carry her to the bathroom, brush her teeth and give her a shower.. which she also sulked and whined throughout.

As I toweled her dry, I told her she has the choice of saying sorry to Meimei and going off to play happily with something else, or sulk and be upset the entire night and continue to be upset the next morning and be upset the whole Saturday. Why choose to be upset?

Asked her to give me a smile and thankfully it broke the ice.

She might have acted up because she was tired and over-insensitive.

Bedtime story while Jiejie was sulking. 😂😂

Aye hoping for this stupid viral thing to go away soon.

There is too much to do.

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