New-found skills

Some time last week, Clarissa showed me how to write (she would say “draw” though πŸ˜†) her Chinese name.

Earlier this week she asked me how to write Allie’s Chinese name, and I wrote the Chinese character out on a piece of paper for her.

I even wrote it wrongly the first time. πŸ˜…

When I got home on Thursday night, she showed me their full Chinese names which she’d written on the board.

I don’t know if four year-olds these days are supposed to write Chinese names already but I probably only learned how to write mine when I was six or seven.

And their names aren’t easy to write!

So proud of her!

She must have been practising quite a bit.

After a week of getting home late, I made it home by 630pm on Friday!

And Allie started doing this.

You just have to say, “Allie, are you cute?” or “Allie, cute cute!”

She’d stick her fingers onto both sides of her cheeks, and smile cheekily.

Aww, my heart.


We are not sure who taught her to do this.

Helper and hubs didn’t, and neither did I.

Might be Jiejie?

This morning.

Without prompting, Jiejie helped Meimei put on her socks.

I dressed Meimei first, and Jiejie picked her own clothes to match.

So nice to see Allie wearing Clarissa’s t-shirt!

Good ROI!

She had a blast at the gym.

Tried many new things today, including swinging from a bar (her Teacher was amazed by how strong her grip is!), climbing up a ladder and doing a handstand.

I love how she always has this cheeky grin on her face when she goes about these tasks.

It’s like she’s saying “Hehehe this is quite fun leh!”

Catch the cheeky grin!

Hahaha I’m glad the hubs managed to take a video of her doing this.

Cute and gongxi gongxi.


Lunch at Nakhon Kitchen again.

She’d rather lick the cover than to eat the banana I brought.

Clarissa ate the banana instead.

And Allie ate rice. And a bit of broccoli which I hid underneath the rice. And a bit of egg. And a bit of tofu.

She’s now able to use the spoon to scoop some rice before putting it into her mouth!

But quite a bit went to the floor too.

We said sorry to the waiting staff before we left. I’d wanted to clean up but they said it was ok.

Hahahahaha super sleepy by the time we got home but still had to entertain her mum’s request to do “cute cute”. 🀣🀣

New layout!

Shifted the cot back into Jiejie’s room.

Threw out the bed frame in the study room and moved the other single bed there.

So we free up some space to put her sarong, which is still in the study room, away from the door.

And hopefully we can get her to start sleeping in the cot bed soon?

That’d really be a much needed skill. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

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