La Familia

#ootd – as usual, one looking at the camera and one looking for birds.


Saturday was kinda slow yet kinda action-packed.

Allie woke up with a runny nose and temperature of 37.2 – 37.4°C so we decided to skip gym and let the girls chill at home.

Had lunch before I left for facial.

Went shopping for my sister’s present (already planned what to buy) and the art and craft stuff for Clarissa’s homework.

Spent a long time at Popular wtf lol.

Got home, changed the girls, got changed and headed out again.

First to CCP to collect the birthday cake, and then to my mum’s place.

Yusheng + Popiah + Golden Pillow Party!
From DTF, Fortune Food and 933 respectively.

It was good fun!

Doting Yi-yis and Yi-zhangs!

Clarissa pretending to sleep because she wanted to eat the cake already but we were all too full so I asked her to wait.

She said she was hungry and I told her she could eat more beehoon but she said she could only eat cake. 😆👍

Whose birthday is it anyway?

Ah-ah the real birthday girl, who turns 21 in 10 days’ time!

Clarissa insisted on bringing the party hats for her Yiyis to wear.

Who wore it better?🤣🤣


Ok, proper one of the birthday girl.

I cannot believe she’s turning 21.

The last I remember, I was still changing her diaper for her and we were bringing her along on our dates.

(And I just realised that her party hat matches her top lol.)

We have quite a huge age gap between the 5 of us – 2 years, and then 3 years and then 6 years and then and then 8 years. 😆

I’d like to think it’s pretty amazing growing up with sisters who are so much older than her, but I guess it can be pretty challenging too.

In our eyes she would always be the little sister but I know she would be more than capable of taking care of herself and others.

Happy 21st birthday!

May you always be brave in pursuing your dreams, wise in making decisions, but most importantly, be happy and healthy, and know that we always have your back.

La familia.


Hahahaha I have to be the annoying big sister posting this unglam but super funny photo of the birthday girl trying to give way to Clarissa who wanted to help give out the cake.

And here’s one of little miss tamchiak taking a huge bite of the cake.

Lychee rose cake from Cedele!

Had it once at an office birthday party and thought it was really nice!

Presents and card from all of us.

Spot Clarissa’s drawing (not the ducks.) 😆


Working on Clarissa’s homework – the family tree.

It’s pretty stressful for a artistically-challenged person like me to do homework like this.

I googled so many times for different options and couldn’t find one I could replicate easily. Which was why I spent so much time at Popular trying to figure out what I needed to buy.

I even bought extra paper because I guessed I would need to draw up a draft version / I’m bound to make some mistakes.

I ended up measuring each line as precisely as I could and drawing them with a pencil before using the marker to write over the lines.

After more than two hours, and a little help from Clarissa with the stickering..

La familia 🌳.

When it’s Allie’s turn to do the same homework, I’ll move the “‘s family tree” letters to her side. 🤣🤣

I know that the kids’ homework aren’t solely my responsibility but it’s not easy either ways, whether I try to do it or try not to do it. 😅

I’ve told the hubs it’s really his turn to do the homework next.. and I hope I don’t end up reminding and nagging until I do it myself again.

We shall see!

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