Voyager of the Seas

Where are we going, Jiejie?

Ooh a cruise!

Ok, let’s plan our schedule..

The start of our 4D3N adventure!

Early dinner on Day 1.

That side glance omg.


She spat out the puree when I fed her with a spoon.

But was happy to drink it all up with I gave her to pouch to suck directly. ๐Ÿคจ

Look who’s here too?

Presenting.. four girls and a market.

Cuteness (and chatter) overload!

An Indian woman then came over and insisted on squeezing herself into the picture with the girls.

We politely declined and quickly gathered all the girls and walked away.

In fact this happened throughout the four days.

The better ones would ask for permission; the not-so good ones would already be pinching the girls’ cheeks or preparing to take photos.

We say no regardless.

(It’s not about the race but the lack of boundaries and respect for personal space that puts us on alert mode. We are totally polite with people who try to seek permission but we decline because we just aren’t comfortable with it.)

What a view.


Allie looking super sleepy because she was super sleepy. ๐Ÿคฃ

Naughty hubs mimicking a fellow tourist’s pose. ๐Ÿ˜‚

The wind was so strong but so fun lol.

Day 2!

The first night was pretty rough, with Allie crying or shouting a few times throughout the night.

After breakfast we spent the morning at the chapel that had a playmat and toys which kept the girls very entertained until lunch time.

Drove, vacuumed, played hide and seek and pretended to be a statue.

Expended her energy so much that she was dozing off at lunch time.

We took turns carrying her while eating our lunch.

She woke up while we were walking back to the room.

We thought she wouldn’t nap anymore but she actually did! After the hubs took her out and walked two rounds.

The ship was already docked at Penang when the girls got up from their naps but we decided not to disembark.

Swim time!

The pool was disappointing, because they did not allow kids who are not toilet trained, even if they are wearing swim diapers.

I ended up taking Allie to the jacuzzi for a 15 minute soak.

I didn’t want to let her stay in the water for too long because it was quite warm and a little too bubbly.

Washed up and marched to dinner.

Oh my goodness!

We discovered her love for broccoli with rice!

Just a week ago, she was rejecting broccoli, to the extent that she would scoop the broccoli out of the bowl of noodle soup into another bowl, and she kept checking the noodles for broccoli to pick out?

I think our helper didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, because on one hand she was worried about her rejecting her greens but on the other hand she kept singing her praises, “She’s so smart!”

Told the hubs about it and his reaction was “Wow so clever!”


We took a video of her munching broccoli and smiling happily.

Didn’t even have to hide the broccoli under the rice!?

Strange little girl we have here. ๐Ÿ˜†

Magic show!

Clarissa watched for 10 minutes and Allie watched for 1 second.

Hahahaha wtf.

I had to take them out of the theatre.

Day 3!

Someone was so eager to head out.

She slept better on the second night!

Woke up once for milk around 12am.. and then at 550am.

Talked so loudly she woke her sister up at 630am.. which explains why it looks so dark.

Jiejie gave her Daddy an elbow massage.

Post breakfast race!

Chapel play time again lol.

She saw the activities i/c walking into the chapel and immediately walked up to her to get a handmade butterfly.

Adorable R1 and R2!

Ruth wasn’t feeling well so Sim took her back to the room while I played with the 3 girls.

Had fun making up songs lol before the Daddys came back from their basketball game.

We got a very good spot for lunch!

Allie dozed off as usual, in the middle of drinking her puree.

But she woke up in time to enjoy the view.

Hahaha so comfy.

Post nap snacks.

Only one of the two girls napped.

Guess who did not nap?

Got changed and took a walk along the deck.

Hahahaha shampoo ad.


We asked a fellow tourist to help us take photos but they turned out..

Like this.

And like this.


He was really helpful though so we thanked him and then tried to take more shots on our own lol.

We got a few nice ones.

And caught one of Clarissa mid sneeze.

And one of just the two of us.

Clarissa asked me to take a photo of her sitting down like this.

I love watching the two of them holding hands and walking together.

Allie walks like a crazy person who’s too excitable and too fast and always in the opposite direction to where you want her to go.

Clarissa is always the one pulling her back and showing her where to go.

Dinner on Day 3 was the best, but the best part of this trip is really the company. โ˜บ

And seeing the four girls interact with one another.

The two older girls would try to hold the hands of the two younger ones, looking out for them while the younger ones would try to follow whatever their older sisters are doing.

Photo evidence of Allie walking crazily while her two Jiejies hold her back. ๐Ÿ˜…

And the two girls engaging in a HTHT and palm to palm conversation.

Travelling with kids is never really a vacation.

We complain about it but the next time an opportunity to travel comes up, we’ll do it again in a heartbeat.

I guess nothing beats the experience of spending time with the kids and as a family and getting to see and know other sides of them we might not have caught in our day to day interactions at home.

I worry the most about Allie because travelling with a toddler is tough enough and travelling with a toddler who doesn’t eat or sleep well is even tougher.

Thankfully she slept very well on the third night, falling asleep by 9pm and stirring only once at 2am for milk before waking up again at nearly 7am.

I get to know her quirks better with each trip and I know I’d love to see and learn more about her.

Like how she probably understands more than half of our instructions but wants to follow none of them. ๐Ÿ˜†

She makes up for it with her cuteness and we discover something new about her everyday.

Clarissa too is blossoming into a fine young lady who can even initiate conversations with strangers in order to find out how old their baby is.

I guess that’s why we say traveling with kids feel like going to a bootcamp, but we’ll do it again and again and all over again.


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