Waiting is not easy

Monday morning.

Allie’s first time reporting at school with Clarissa.

She was very excited and almost walked into the classrooms while Clarissa was at the health check.


But nah, no school for Allie yet.

She’s on the waitlist for playgroup despite having a sibling in the same school and I can only hope she gets a place eventually.

We think she would enjoy and benefit a lot from going to school, perhaps even more so as compared to her big sister at the same age.

But the reason why she was in school with Clarissa was because we wanted to take her to see a PD after sending Clarissa to school.

We were there before the clinic opened but there was already a long queue.

This girl couldn’t sit still in the clinic to wait for her turn so we took turns to take her outside for walks and here she is, disturbing the birds.

Only one in the photo because the rest flew away after she walked up to them and raised both hands overexcitedly while exclaiming, wah! πŸ˜…

Poor girl has the full works of flu – runny nose, phlegm, cough and fever.

We went home with a ton of medication.

It took 3 adults and a lot of bribing and holding to feed her medicine before the hubs and I went to work.

The hubs was worried about our helper having to give Allie the medicine on her own in the afternoon but I told him they should manage fine, because Allie probably mostly acts up when we are around.

True enough when I got home, our helper said she was able to give her the meds without much fuss or struggle.

Which reminded me of our first time trying to give Clarissa medicine, with a syringe no less. She protested and it was a pretty dramatic and almost heart wrenching process trying to pin her down and pushing the meds out of the syringe and into her mouth.

Gosh, 2.5ml felt like too much of a dosage.

And in the end, our helper then was able to do it on her own.

No problem, ma’am!

She reported.

Wow how did you do it?

We were amazed.

“I put the medicine on a spoon and fed Clarissa”, she said nonchalantly. “And she just ate it.”

Which made our first attempt as parents trying to give medication to our firstborn seem so noob.


Sick Allie is still naughty but less smiley and less cheeky, and extremely clingy and grouchy.

I attended to her every whine and cry until her bed time, before I shifted my focus to Clarissa.

Clarissa wanted to watch Masterchef Junior after her shower but I wanted to shower too and watch it with her.

I asked if she could wait for me, and she sighed dramatically before saying yes reluctantly.

“OK but can you please hurry up, Mummy?” She said. “Because waiting is not easy.”


My oh my.

I must have unknowingly made her wait a few times throughout the evening.

Indeed waiting is not easy!

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