The past weekend has been packed with action (and work and “school”) and I guess it’s going to be the same or busier the next few months.

Saturday morning.

These two amuse me so much with their poses.

Daddy decided to build a tent with them lol.

I’ve been sleeping on the mattress beside the cot bed, with Clarissa taking the cot bed. There must be something novel about the cot bed with an open side that makes her want to sleep on it instead of her fire truck bed.

Though she ends up rolling off the cot and taking up half, sometimes more than half, the mattress I’m on. 😂

I wake up with a backache everyday but I have to admit, I love it when she snuggles up close to me.

We’ve officially put the playpen away.

It’s not been used as much since Allie started walking. Or perhaps since she started crawling.

Good to get some space / floor area back!


She was strangely super clingy to me that day so I took the class with her.

Another good class!

Allie, while trying to avoid the bubble. 😂🤣

We are still amused by this whole separation anxiety thing.

She’s completely engaged with what the teachers are doing with her and only remembers to look for us when the music cueing them to clean up comes up.

And I love how engrossed she is at storytelling time! She’d even shout in response to the story lol.

We took Allie home for her lunch and nap and headed out with Clarissa to get our hair cut!

After gym, Clarissa requested for snacks and I gave her some biscuits.

She was munching on the biscuits happily when her Daddy asked her if she’d wiped her hands again before eating the biscuits.

“No, I wiped just now already!” She said. Indeed she’d wiped her hands after coming out of the gym, but before putting on her shoes.

“But you touched your shoes?” Daddy reminded her.

“Oh yah hor?” she said sheepishly before her big realisation that her hands might be dirty but she was already eating biscuits. “Oh god.”


Her first time washing hair in the salon lol.

I asked her to think about it when she seemed to have some reservations about it.

I guess the idea of not having to wash her hair at home in the evening probably won her over.

She enjoyed the experience very much!

She napped in the car on our way home, and then it was dinner and playtime with the girls before their bedtime.

I finished up some work after they went to bed.


I love the way Allie simply slings my pouch across her shoulder, so aunty and so cute!

We went to the temple, met up with my FIL for lunch, and took the girls to their swimming class.

Managed to make Allie nap but Clarissa couldn’t sleep. “Sleeping is not easy,” she told me sadly. 😂

So I parked her with the hubs (who engaged Paw patrol as the babysitter while he dozed off).

Spent the next (nearly) two hours on my digital course.

This shall be my life for the next nine weeks.

It’s tough trying to “study” so I’m glad the lectures are a mix of video content and reading materials.

One assignment down and many more to go.

The first sign of trouble for the evening was when my dian xiao er order of herbal duck rice and other dishes came without the herbal sauce and chilli sauce.

So upsetting!

I turned to foodpanda’s customer service, even though we knew there was nothing they could do except to provide feedback to the restaurant.

“Is there anything else we could help you with?” The customer service officer asked on the chat.

“Nope, but the duck rice is very dry,” I typed and then laughed at how self-entitled I sounded.

I saw the customer service officer trying to type a response – xx is typing – but she eventually gave up and left the chat. 😂

Meanwhile, Allie ate only half of her dinner, all of which she proceeded to throw up two hours later, because she was protesting and crying so hard after we force-fed her medicine.

We’ve stopped giving her meds during the day but wanted her to take meds in case she coughs while sleeping.

I ended up taking a shower with her because I had puke all over my shirt.

Thankfully she did not put up a big fight over bedtime and went to sleep after babbling a whole lot of gibberish. 😆

I spent the rest of the night working on my assignment and responding to work emails.


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