Yet another back to back action packed weekend which started on Friday afternoon.

I took the afternoon off because Clarissa’s school was closed.

It was just me initially but the hubs’ colleague freed up her leave application for Friday so he was able to take leave too.

Hehe we went out for a quick carrot cake fix in the morning before my 830am call.


Main activity for Friday afternoon: New condominium launch viewing.

Part 2 of viewing post lunch.

All I can say is viewing is fun but adulting is hard.

Sharing is loving

Yoghurt monsters at work!

Allie made a mess as usual, but when they were done, Clarissa took Allie into the room and got her changed.

This Allie, kept walking around and refused to stand still for her sister to button up her top. šŸ˜…

It was an unexpectedly busy afternoon.


We had a sales person over who came to service our Rainbow unit and sell their new product, which was an amazing steamer-cleaner.

She did a lot of demos, which were amazing by the way, and kept offering discounts and freebies.

The hubs was undecided and kept asking if we should get it. In my mind I thought it would be ok if we got it so I said, up to you.

I was preoccupied with the girls because it was meal time and Clarissa was a little whiny because she’d only napped for a short while in the car.

When asked by the sales person to make a decision, the hubs suddenly blew up, dished out all his credit cards and said, buy lah buy lah use all my cards. šŸ¤·ā€ā™€ļø

The sales person got worried and retreated. šŸ˜‚

It was directed at me, as expected. That I wasn’t “helping” him with the decision.

Oh well.

I didn’t get angry back at him since I understand he’s probably overwhelmed by all the big decisions we have to make.

But I wish he knows how much of an overdrive my mind is in, perhaps even more so than his? All the time.

And there wasn’t an opportunity for us to discuss about it because I was busy with the girls?


No point dwelling over spilt milk (or credit cards) I guess!

Fury Who?

We went for a movie date after the girls slept.

I haven’t been spending much quality time with the hubs these days so I thought a movie date would be nice.

I guess his highlight of the night was my question after watching a 2-hour Marvel movie, which ended with a short trailer and a question, “Where’s Fury?”

I asked him, “Who’s Fury?”


So in my 100% determination and effort to follow the storyline (I was afraid I wouldn’t understand it because superhero / lord of the rings / hobbit types of movies are often lost on me) I didn’t remember the name of the main character.

Oh well.


Who’s not afraid of the big bad wolf?

Saturday gym time!

The kids were supposed to walk slowly and cautiously towards the wolf based on the time that was called.

But Allie ran towards it too quickly and too happily. šŸ˜‚

And all the kids followed excitedly.


Fun with the Fam

Hilarious #ootd before heading out for dinner with my family.

The girls napped earlier while I worked.

Post dinner ice cream!

The hubs spent $30 at 3 different stations, and attracted a crowd.

Allie kept walking around while her poor Yiyis followed closely behind to ensure she’s safe. šŸ˜†

Clarissa kept wanting to catch more ducks. šŸ˜…šŸ˜‚ She won a small zebra soft toy, which really was a rip-off because all the numbers under the ducks are 1s.. and you need to get 6 points and above for 3 ducks in order to get a medium sized toy.

But Daddy did us proud by winning the other game at the last shot.

Presenting Big Bear, affectionately named “Scarfy” by Clarissa.


I’d planned to continue working after the girls slept but I dozed off waiting for Clarissa to fall asleep and couldn’t get out of bed thereafter.

So I woke up at 530am to start my course work.

By the time everyone was up I was done with all the module videos.

After breakfast the hubs built a tent with the girls and pretty much entertained them while I worked.

I love Allie’s victory fist pump and Clarissa’s messy hair, and..

The cutest sounding “Peppa” ever.

Fil and Sil dropped by for lunch before the girls’ swimming lessons.

Allie was so happy in the pool!

And then the girls napped.. while I worked.

Clarissa woke up in the middle and came out of the room. I thought it was Allie who woke her up but when I went in to check, she was dozing off again with her butt sticking up into the air. šŸ˜†

They both went back to sleep, and the hubs joined them.

At 5pm I woke them up.

My friends were coming over with their girls and more importantly I didn’t want them to party at night.

Hahahaha my little sleepyhead tried to go back to sleep.

My friend managed to take photos of Allie at the exact mischievous and up-to-no-good moments.

It was nice catching up as usual!

The girls slept slightly later than their usual bedtime but it was all quite manageable.

I continued working while the hubs took bedtime duty.. and I kept dozing off.

Managed to accomplish half of what I planned to do.. and I went to bed.

Before I knew it, it was..


Happy birthday Auntie O!

After a long, tiring day, I came home to a lovely girl with a lovely message..

And another equally lovely girl who wanted to be in the photo.


I’m lying in the dark while trying to publish this entry which took two days to write.

I was in the office until 745pm and got home past 8pm. Missed Allie’s bedtime but managedd to catch Clarissa’s.

So, so mentally and physically exhausted.. and the next two weeks would only get worse with all the business trips.

I wish it’s Friday already.

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