Looking more and more alike?

She walked out of the room with the scarf (from Scarfy the Bear) and looked at me proudly, “Mama, nah!”

I think she thinks it’s pretty. 😆


Collage by Daddy.

Clarissa’s school was closed this afternoon so I picked her up slightly past 12pm.

She’s outgrown her weekend shoes so I told her we’d go shoe shopping..

But she cheekily went to try on sunglasses instead.

She tried the same design of shoes in two sizes but the smaller size was tight and the bigger size was too lose.

She said to the salesperson, “Sorry Jiejie! The shoes don’t fit.”


She picked a sparkly pair of pink Converse to try in the next shop.

Again she’s in between sizes.

“Let me try without socks ok?” She said and sat down on the floor to put on the shoes.

She really loves this pair but she said her little toe is painful.

She was a little hyper and was walking round and round the shop, much to the amusement of the shop assistant.

And then she knocked her head while the delivery guys were stocking up boxes of shoes in the shop.. and she cried and cried and cried. 😂

Took a while to calm her down before we headed to the next store.


She was still sulking and I asked her if she wanted to go home.

She said no, so I said we could go to Toys’R’Us after we got the shoes.

That did the trick lol.

Thank goodness we found something she likes and that fits.. though I think she prefers the Converse pair.

Comfort over aesthetics!

A photo for Daddy.

She only asked to buy a small toy each for herself and Allie..

But I saw these cooking sets going at 2 for $15.. 😅

Hence this was my dinner tonight. 😆

Mum’s guilt is real.

I’ll be flying out on Sunday morning on a business trip.. and would only be back the following Saturday, past midnight. 😪

That’s not all.. because I’d be flying out again 3 days later albeit for a shorter trip.

So I thought the cooking set would be nice because they love pretending to cook.

I told Clarissa I’d be out on Sunday and back on Saturday morning, and was surprised when she worked it out so quickly, without counting.

“Six days, Mummy? So long! Are you happy going to Sydney?” She asked, sulking.

“No I’m not happy!” I said to her.

“Yay,” she smiled. “I’m also not happy. I want you to stay at home!”


Jiejie kept wearing her new shoes around the house so Allie followed suit.. with my shoes.

Blur photo but loving it.

Allie would ask Clarissa to “baobao!” And Clarissa would oblige.

I’d planned to give Clarissa an early bedtime tonight because she didn’t nap at all today so after she showered and got changed I asked her how much milk she wanted to drink.

“You want four scoops or five scoops?” I asked Clarissa.

“Six!” came the answer.. from Allie who was standing beside us while our helper put on her pants.

She smiled happily like she’d just given a clever answer, and we all laughed.

For some reason, she only knows how to say “six” and “eight”.. and I guess she’s said it in the right context tonight.

I haven’t packed my luggage for the trip but I’m already dreading the idea of it.

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