Parent-Teacher Meeting



In school at 9am for PTM with Clarissa’s teachers.

Very soon, we will be sending the both of them to school together!

No big surprises (or shock).

She’s doing well in school!

Since the PTM last year in September, she has gone through a good developmental spurt – very attentive and grasps things fast.

She was a little behind in terms of her writing but now she’s not only improved but is ahead of expectations in her writing.

She still tends to be a little less confident and seeks validation because she’s worried about making mistakes, but her teachers say she’s been controlling her tendency to burst into tears and to try making things right on her own.

Very detailed report by her Chinese teacher.

I’m happy to learn that she’s able to speak and write Chinese fairly well, and that she does not mix her sentences with English words.

Most importantly, I think it is great that she is attentive and cares for the people around her.

So proud of her!

I don’t do much “learning” with her at home beyond reading books and showing her how to write certain words so I’m glad she’s progressing well in school.

Your turn soon ok?


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