Easter has come early lol.

There were chocolates all over the supermarkets in Sydney and my colleague bought not one but two chocolate bunny and egg for Clarissa.

The anticipation built up over the week. Every night when we video-called she’d request to see these chocolates and remind me to keep them in the fridge.

When she woke up beside me on Saturday morning, she squeaked and immediately jumped up to give me a hug, followed by the question: “Where are my chocolate eggs Mummy?”

Throwback to 5 hours ago.

The hubs picked me up from the airport and we went for supper even though we were both tired.

He tried to order “prata, two plain and one kosong”, much to the bewilderment of the uncle who was serving us. πŸ˜‚

I went to bed at 230am.. and was up before 630am.

Allie knocked on the door, Jiejie opened it and Allie zoomed in, saw me and hugged me for a long time while Jiejie said, “Allie, you smell like yoghurt.”

I thought the same, checked and realised she’d pooped.

Haha thanks for the welcome gift.

We took the girls out for Allie’s vaccination later in the morning.

When the jab went in, I was carrying her while her Daddy tried to distract her.

She turned back to look at her PD suspiciously.. and simply looked unimpressed. πŸ˜†

No tears whatsover.

Now at nearly 17 months young, she weighs 10.3kg and her height is 77cm (which we anyhowly measured because she wouldn’t stand still).

Her weight’s at the 50th percentile while height’s at 25th.

She’s been saying more (coherent) words these days!

  • Ball – mostly referring to the ball
  • Bard (bird) – mostly referring to the bird, usually followed by “arhmm!”
  • Mao – mostly referring to the cat, but I’m not sure if she’s trying to say “猫” in Chinese or “meow” as in the sound made by cats
  • Hard – mostly when she’s trying to open something but is unable to. She’d turn to me and say it’s “hard” before shoving said thing into my hand for me to open it
  • Hot – mostly when she makes a pretend drink and tries to warn me before I drink it
  • Six – her default answer when we ask her or her sister how many scoops of milk she wants
  • Sit – when she makes her animal friends sit on the chair she’d say an unmistakable “sit”
  • Thanks – mostly said casually when someone does something for her

She is also doing things like trying to jump, raising both hands when you say “hurray”.. and just being very cute in general.

Dinner and belated birthday celebration with Auntie O!

This morning.

I took the girls out to get breakfast, both of them still in their pjs.

Allie happily opened her mouth when I asked them to smile.

I spent the morning and early afternoon working..

But this girl woke up from her nap an hour earlier than usual so I got to spend time reading and playing with her while her sister and Daddy napped.

And then we went to the playground!

Simple pleasures.

Oh, no swimming today because it’s term break this week.

Hehe my cuties.

Our big girl.

A boy, probably around six years old, came along and started chatting with her (and us) nonstop about his old scooters and the current one.

Then he told Clarissa about this “ginormous” ant near the tree and asked her to go and take a look at it with him, assuring her that it is not dangerous and it won’t bite if you just look and not touch it.

She didn’t want to go at first but we told her it’d be ok to take a look.

So she saw the ginormous ant, turned to the boy and said, “This ant is not really very big what.”


Sigh, is it Monday again?

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