Weekend with the girls

These pretty much sum up Saturday and Sunday.

A drawing by Clarissa about her favorite parts of the day on Saturday at bedtime.

The story: “We drove to the gym. I played on the slide, the trampoline and the ball pit. This makes me happy.”

A photo of Allie post swimming lesson on Sunday, about to doze off.

The story: We managed to keep her awake throughout the ride home, while laughing at her sleepy face. When we got home we immediately whisked the girls off to nap in Clarissa’s room. Clearly the excitement of napping in the same room with Jiejie was too much for Allie. Halfway through her bottle of milk she flipped over with her signature mischievous smile. I immediately carried her to her room and asked the helper to make her sleep instead while I went back to Clarissa. Unfortunately she did not like the new arrangement and protested. Unfortunately her Daddy did not like her protest and went into the room to scold her. Unfortunately she did not like the scolding and cried even harder.

Until she puked.

This story sounds too familiar. 😅😂

Fortunately both girls napped eventually and we were able to head out to run some errands.

Overall the weekend went alright? 😆

Gym was great.

Lol very romantic.

She woke up from her nap earlier than her Jiejie so I spent time reading and playing with her.

This would have been a rather cute picture, except that she’d just wiped her feet with the same piece of wet wipe before putting in on her head.

And then Jiejie woke up too, so we snacked and played more.

I don’t know where she got the idea of styling herself like this but I think she looks pretty. 😍

Jiejie built this amazing structure, a house within a house?

Meimei saw me taking photos and went around trying to take photos too – with my internet banking security token.

I love how she has accurately observed and perfectly imitated the way adults use the smart phone – to call, to text and to take photos with a say “Cheeeeese!”

I should get her the same camera Jiejie has, soon.

Sweetest bedtime routine.

I hope they will always be like this.

Playful, loving and sweet.

I could watch this over and over again.

Sunday was kinda slow.

Little miss clingy insisted on sitting on my lap while I did my course work.

Week 9!

Gosh it has been tough.

I’ve started staying in over my weekdays’ lunch time to watch some of the videos, just so I could spend less time over the weekend.

This girl is enjoying her swimming lessons so much she has been refusing to get out of the pool. 😅

She would keep trying to jump back into the pool while her Daddy is helping to get Clarissa to swim across the pool.

Clarissa is making good progress too!

Taking turns talking to Wai-po.

Clarissa was speaking chunks of Chinese while Allie was speaking chunks of gibberish punctuated with a few intelligible words like Daddy, Jiejie and Mummy.

This is so Allie.

She’d zoom out of the room, still wrapped in her towel, either thinking “oh I’m so pretty in the towel I’m gonna show everyone” or “oh hello everyone I just had a shower and i wanna tell you about it”, or both.

Cheeky, sticky, cute, sweet, curious, stubborn, clever.

All her.

See the pattern? ☺

I hope she gets less scolding from her Daddy.