Keeping up with Resolutions

March had been a horrible month with more than our fair share of drama and too much adulting to do.

We felt that we’ve neglected the two girls. Hence while I was on business trip in Sydney I’d resolved to start bedtime reading again every night and not do it only when I am not tired (because I’m always tired).

I’m happy to say that I’ve kept to this for the past month, at least one story every night and sometimes even three stories!

Sometimes we also spend time writing and drawing, which is great.

With Allie, I wanted to be more consistent about her pre- bedtime routine, i.e. shower, kiss good night, milk, sleep.

I wish to squeeze in some stories too, but it’s not been easy.

Twice-a-week jogging is going well so far except for weeks when 倧姨妈 visits.

Except I’m supposed to go running again this evening but I decided to go home and do it tomorrow instead because I’m so tired and have a headache. πŸ˜‚

Slept badly last night.

So I’ve been quite good with resolutions on the whole – until this morning, when the hubs pointed at the big box of chicken essence on the dining table.




Totally forgot when I’d stopped bringing a bottle a day to work!

Because I do takeaways for lunch at least four out of five times a week, my new resolution as of today is not to use disposable cutlery.

Baby steps.

Though perhaps I should resolve not to lunch at my work desk so often? πŸ˜‚

Glad I got home when the skies were still somewhat bright!

These two played school while I had dinner.

Allie pretended to eat ice cream and said it was “yummy”. πŸ˜†

We did goofy stuff like this. They love doing this? πŸ˜†

We did some reading too.

Spot the stickers she peeled off from the book and nonchalantly stuck onto her own face.

And then it was the usual bedtime routine.

My head still feels heavy, but my heart is full.

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