I did it

Stuck to my plans to run today!

It’s been a while since I ran outdoors.

Shook up my usual routine and ran at the track near home before heading up to shower, change and leave for work.

The hubs had a work event this morning so he sent Clarissa to school before picking up his colleague.

And I’m now in a Grab on the way to work.

The downside to this is that I didn’t have much time to cool down and it was so difficult trying to put on my makeup. I was still sweating after the hot shower.

Had a bit of time with Allie so I made her try on Jiejie’s shoes.

Was planning to buy an in-between size for her because I threw away the pair I’d orignally kept. It was flaking so badly.

I think with socks and in two months’ time this should be a perfect fit!

$$ saved!

Hahaha so smug.

She was turning round and round like a shoe model when I asked her to let me take a photo to show her Daddy.

She loves shoes.

Every evening after I get home she’d go for my shoes and wear them around the house.

She refused to let her Yaya put her “new” shoes away just now! 😂

So young yet so full of character.

When I got back from my jog, she was sitting on the potty with her diapers and pants on, and she said, “Ay-yee. Shheet. Pee!”


Translation: Allie. Sit. Pee.



I was digging into my corn tonight when Allie looked at it and said, “Cold, cold!”

Hahaha and then I realised she was in fact, saying “Corn” (video evidence here lol)“.

She kept asking to eat the corn!

The most (suddenly) popular food at dinner tonight.


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