Mother’s Day

Today’s my second time joining the Mother’s Day celebration with Clarissa in school.

I joined the first, missed last year’s as I was overseas on a business trip so the hubs represented me, and managed to join the third, which is today.

I remember telling the hubs, oh dear I have the monthly business planning meeting in the morning leh.

He looked at me knowingly and said, “you decide what’s more important?”

Clarissa brought up the topic many times, “Mummy, on Friday you are coming to school to celebrate mother’s day right? What character are you going to be dressed as? You’re supposed to dress up you know?”


She’d mixed it up with the rest of the Book Week’s activities.

So long story short, of course I took half a day off to attend her school event.

Because she’s more important than a meeting and it’s important to her that I join her in school.

She performed 2 songs with her classmates and ran towards me to give me a massage at the end of the performance.

Her card for me!

Which is actually a little booklet, and the story is hilarious.

My loving mummy.

This is my super mummy.

Super mummy is helping to fix the light.

Super mummy is saving a dog.


I’m too short to be able to reach the light and I’m terrified of any animal with fur (which is probably every animal).

When she first gave it to me, I laughed so hard.

I know I’m super mummy!

But not in these ways leh. ๐Ÿ˜…

When I showed it to the hubs later in the evening, he said, “sounds like me?”


Super mummy or not, I’m so lucky to be your mummy. ๐Ÿ˜˜

I went for a much needed massage and ran some errands before returning home to work in the second half of the day.

My plan was to go straight to my room to work while Allie was still napping, so she wouldn’t know I was back.

But of course, she woke up right after I barely set up my laptop in the room.

I had calls to take so I had no choice but to ask our helper to take care of her and I had to resist the temptation to open the door whenever she knocked and said, “Mummy.. Maaaaaaa-meeeeeee!”

I overheard our helper saying to her, “Mummy’s not here! She’s working!”

And she said to our helper, “No? No.”


I opened the door once the call ended and she sat next to me watching her favorite silent animated series on Netflix.

Her hand on my arm all the time.

Aww I love this.

Spot a cheeky baby.

She’s been very crazy about slopes and would always try to zoom down the slope while pushing my hand off!?

So here she is, pretending to hide before she zooms out super quickly to dash down the slope in front of her.

Of course I managed to stop her each time but it was so funny and tiring at the same time.

Dashing up the slope instead.


Cucumbers are the new deodorants. ๐Ÿ™Š

I promise this is a funny story.

Our helper told me how she couldn’t find Allie in her usual spots after coming out of the toilet this morning.

She searched high and low and eventually found her hidding between the wardrobe and the bathroom in our master bedroom, doing this:

In her moment of worry and relief she asked Allie, “Allie!! What are you doing here!!”

Allie said to her, “Pee.”


She ran out to grab her phone to snap this photo, which is totally spot on, all the expression and manner and attitude.

Notice how she has slightly lifted up her shirt in order to “pee”?


I cannot.

Reading time!

What a lovely day today.