Mother’s Day All Day Everyday

Mother’s Day present from the hubs, because I’m always taking photos but cannot find time to get them printed. 😆

I went to the gym with the girls but left when the class started because I had a 1030am facial appointment. 😅

I didn’t deliberately book the facial at this timing nor was it for Mother’s Day.

It was just that it was fully booked the Saturday before, and there were no other slots this Saturday besides the earliest appointment they could give.

I got guilt tripped when Clarissa asked me, “Mummy why do you need to wash your face? Your face is very clean what.”

Because the hubs told her that facial = going outside to wash face.

“Why you cannot wash your face at home?” Is the other frequently asked question.

After the facial I settled for a quick lunch.. and felt a sore throat developing.


I bought a flower and cake for the girls’ Yaya and got them to give it to her when they both got up from their naps.

Tried to take a nice photo but they were so distracted by the yakult. 😅

#ootd number 2 before we headed out for dinner with my family.

I bought flowers for my mum on behalf of the girls, but forgot to bring them along. The hubs remembered and made a U-turn back home for me to pick them up.

I stand by what I wrote the other day, the mental overload is real.

Was busy packing the bag and Allie’s dinner and getting the girls ready.

Little cheeky one was actually very well behaved at dinner!

Finished her dinner and played on her own while we ate.

Like this.

She only got restless when we were into the sixth or seventh dish.

So I took them up the stage lol.

Clarissa was moody before dinner started because she wanted to play a game she thought of while we were stuck in a traffic jam on the way to the restaurant.

Her idea was to let each and every one of her Yiyis and Gorgor and Yi-zhang to stand in a circle and carry her around? 😅😆

Very strange game but we tried anyway and soon discovered it was too difficult because the space between the table and chair was too narrow?

So she got upset? Lol.

Thankfully all good after dinner.

This one had fun too!

I don’t quite remember what we did on Sunday apart from going for the girls’ swimming lessons.

Oh, we snuck out while the girls napped so I could buy herbal tea and TCM powder for my throat.

I think it kinda works because it has not developed into a full blown throat infection. 😂

Breakfast with Clarissa and the hubs while waiting to see the PD this morning.

Took urgent time-off to get her nose checked.

This poor girl has been having frequent nose bleeds, and twice over the weekend. 😪

She was so worried about being late for school even though I was already prepared to work from home or take the day off depending on when we managed to see the PD.

We managed to be the first in the queue and was done by 930am!

So we decided she could go to school and she was so anxious about being late and missing school.


I hope you will always enjoy going to school!

“I like going to school because I like my friends! And there’s drama on Monday!” She told us when we asked her why.

But she was worried about not wearing her school uniform.

So I said, I would help her explain to the teacher.

“So you explain to the teacher and then the teacher explain to my teacher, and my teacher explain to another teacher, and everybody explain to everybody?” She said, making the hubs and I burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” She asked.


And then she let out a smelly fart so I said my usual line, “Wah you better go and poop soon huh?”

“Ok I will poop soon. Don’t need to panick lah!” She responded without missing a beat.


Home to this sticky one, who literally stuck to my lap / me the entire time.

I’d try to get her to play on the floor right beside me but it’d take her less than 2 minutes before she realised it and climbed back onto my lap.

My FIL dropped by so we all went downstairs together. I wanted to get lunch while he wanted to take Allie out for their usual walk.. but Allie turned into a koala bear on me.

The most embarrassing part was when I left them at the convenience store a few doors away from the coffee shop.. and she cried all the way until my FIL took her to the coffee shop to look for me.

Yet when we were eating lunch together, she kepy glancing at her ah gong and laughing at him cheekily.

I’m glad my FIL understands how she only acts up like this when I’m around.

They are usually very close. Allie would shake his hand and say “谢谢!” when he goes home, and sometimes she would throw in a “Love you!” Which totally makes his day.

This lasted for.. about.. 1.5 minutes. 😂

And she was back on my lap.

I’m very amused.

She has no problem with separation anxiety outside of home?

My makeshift home office once she went for her nap.

Back breaking business to sit on the floor to work.. but I had calls to take so no choice.

In fact I continued to hide in the room until nearly 5pm just so I could get my work done

She was up from her nap at 230pm and I heard her calling Mummy and then walking to the door and standing at the gate calling Mummy, Mummy.


Brought her downstairs again to pick Jiejie up and I experienced her popularity which our helper always describes to me.

She saw a young boy and his grandma from a distance and called out, Gorgor!

Said Gorgor ran to her and touched her cheeks while she patted his arm? Lol.

His grandma came over and asked me if I’m her mum. Said she’s very cute and her skin is very fair and very nice. She even knew that Allie would be going to school soon?

We said goodbye and then from a distance we saw another auntie walking towards us.

The auntie was dressed brightly in neon pink and Allie turned away from her to hide in my chest.

I thought, wah is she afraid of this Auntie in neon pink?

The next moment, Allie peeked out from my chest and said, Bah! With a cheeky smile, looking at the same Auntie who has already walked past us but turned back to smile at her.


Allie was playing peekaboo with the Auntie. 😂😂😂


Jiejie getting her Peppa Pig fix while I continued working, back at the dining table.

With my sticky baby very close beside me.


Everyday is Mother’s Day!

The best part was the evening.

After the girls finished their dinner, our phone rang and Allie picked up the phone.

We thought she would not say anything, but she immediately put the phone on her ear and said, “HELLO!”

In the same tone her Ah-gong uses when he picks up his phone.

Someone probably called a wrong number because the line was silent when I took over the phone.

I asked the hubs if it was him but it wasn’t. He decided to call home so Allie could pick up the phone again.

And sure enough she picked it up and went, “Hello?” *gibberish* “Who that! Who that!” *gibberish* “Daddy!”

Aiyo so cute!

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