As I cuddled up with Clarissa after turning out the lights, I asked her, “What is your favourite part of today?”

She snuggled close and smiled sweetly as she said to me, “Everything!”

“What about yours, Mummy?” She asked.

“Cuddling with you my dear,” I said, even though I meant, everything, too.

It’s been a long, help(er)less day.

I went for a run in the morning.

Bought breakfast.

Packed Allie’s lunch and the girls’ stuff for swimming.

Went to the temple.

Had lunch.

Rushed to swimming class.

Class had already started when we got there so Allie went into the pool wearing the 2 layers of swim diaper but without her swim bottom. 🙊

She had a good swim and went about rearranging the book shelf while Clarissa was having her class.

After swimming, we headed home for the girls’ naps.

Allie slept for all of 45 minutes while Clarissa and the hubs managed to sleep for 2 hours in the other room.

Entertained her with books.

She carried a board book from the shelf and said to me, “Heavy.”

Watched her self-entertain.. until my FIL and SIL popped by.

Hehe they watched Allie while I cooked her dinner.

Woke the hubs and Clarissa up.

Sleepy eyes post nap lol.

She asked me to take a photo of her and went to put on a head band. 😆

Allie’s standard pose is the Asian squat.

Went for a quick playround run.

Love this photo of my little cheeky one.

Had a good dinner.

Though Allie cried when the hubs tried to take over feeding her so I could eat. 😅

Small ice cream treat after dinner.

And then Allie started doing this stunt where she’d stand on the stool and declare, “Catch!” before free-falling into my arms, laughing.

I kept telling her I wasn’t going to catch her and she’d fall, but she called my bluff every single time.

She’d smile cheekily anyway and say “Catch” anyway and fall right into my arms anyway.

And then she would lean forward and plant a kiss on my lips.

I’d pretend I didn’t want to be kissed but she’d laugh and force a kiss, her lips on mine, anyway.

And then it was shower time.

And bed time.

I took care of Allie and the hubs took care of Clarissa.

I put Allie into the sarong and gave her milk but she choked a little and handed the bottle back to me.

I didn’t want to risk her throwing up so I didn’t force it.

Tried to rock her to sleep but she just kept singing and talking and doing stunts in the sarong. Stunts I have not seen her Jiejie doing before.

She’d pause in the middle of her singing and go, “Mummy? Mummy!” to check if I was still there listening.

And then she started shouting, “Jiejie ah!”

In the same tone we sometimes call out to Clarissa when we need her help.

“Daddy, Mummy, Jiejie!” She said over and over again.

She was singing and talking so loudly that the hubs heard her and came in to check on us.

No scolding! Haha he only laughed and said, “Wait for Yaya to come back and make you sleep lor.”

Eventually I took her out of the sarong and let her lie down on the mattress.

Gave her milk again and she fell asleep drinking milk.

It’s really not a bad evening.

The first time in weeks she’s asleep just as our helper got home.

And then I took a shower and went to Clarissa’s room for my second shift lol.

She was leaning on her Daddy’s shoulder while he read her a story.


Daddy went for a run, and she asked for a massage “since I’m so tired”. Lol.

She insisted on giving me a massage too, mimicking the way I massage her but with much less pressure.

Still, I told her it’s so, so, so good.

Everything’s good.