Of one word and funny answers

The look of happiness on Allie’s face, basking in the joy of a froyo treat.


Jiejie asked me to take a photo of her so I did.

I asked Allie if she also wanted to take a photo.

She stopped mid track and said, “Cheese!”

Allie insisted on squeezing behind Clarissa on the same chair.

These days I’ve been so amused by her powerful, succinct use of one-word answers.

Once, she was snatching something from Jiejie and Jiejie was resisting her attempt. She started whining so I said to her, “Allie, you have to ask nicely.”

She immediately stopped what she was doing, looked at Jiejie and said, “Peas? Peeeeeas!” (Please)


On another occasion but similar scenario, she managed to snatch the toy over, which resulted in Jiejie frowning and looking like she was about to cry.

She put down the toy, leaned forward to take a close look at her Jiejie and asked, “Why?”

Hahaha. Erm you snatched Jiejie’s toy?


I was with her while she played with some flash cards and the cards were strewn all over the place.

“Allie! Look at the mess!” I said to her, pretending to look upset. “Aiyo so messy!”

She looked at me, opened her palms wide and said, “How?”


Last night I was having dinner while our helper sat together with the girls.

Clarissa sniffed her nose and our helper asked her, “Clarissa, you have a runny nose?”

Before Clarissa could answer her, Allie walked quickly to the tissue box, took out a piece of tissue paper, walked back to her Jiejie, handed her the tissue paper and said, “Blow!”

Hahaha much to the amusement of my helper and I.

And then she proceeded to take another piece of tissue paper herself and pretended to blow her own nose.


This morning she saw me tying Jiejie’s hair. She quickly went into the room, took out a rubber band and a hair clip, handed them to me and said, “Hair!”

Hahaha so I tied up her hair and clipped up her fringe.

Later this evening she demonstrated her understanding of.. farts.

After she let out a fart, we asked her, “Allie, what did your bum bum say?”

She laughed cheekily and said, “Pooooot!”


Even though she’s been putting words together to form simple sentences (for example, standing at the gate and shouting, “Daddy! I ler you!” (I Love You) Or “See you nite nite! (See you tonight)), these one-word answers are so spot on I feel so amazed and amused.

This girl’s quite funny too.

She tucked out her pyjamas and I asked her to let me take a photo of her.

“You look so Auntie,” I said to her.

“Huh? I’m not auntie! I’m a Jiejie!” She exclaimed, in a very Auntie tone. šŸ˜…šŸ˜†

Her Daddy asked her for a cuddle, which she obliged after a lot of persuasion.

She gave him a quick cuddle and asked, “Happy now?”


I’d like to think that their sense of humour comes.. from me? Lol.

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