Lots to write about but too little time.

I’ve spent almost the entire Sunday working, in between swimming lessons, dinner, and a little ice cream break.

Proud moment today.

The first time she did almost the full lap, we were outside watching from the TV screen.

(Parents are not allowed to watch the entire class at the pool.)

The Daddy was so happy for her he ran in to cheer for her, erm, after she finished the lap.

I managed to take this, her third attempt today, in the last few minutes of her class, where I get to wait for her near the stairs leading up to the pool area.

One of the mummies who watched her first aattempt (she stood near the pool to watch her girl) told me that even she felt so proud of Clarissa, she almost teared up? 😆

I guess the weekend mornings where she pretended to swim with Allie paid off.

She might not be the most talented or fastest swimmer, but she’s persistent and hardworking. This matters more than anything else.

After she got out of the pool, she said to me, “Mummy, I swim slower in the last one because I need to pee!”


The little(r) one did well too! Probably out of playfulness but still, good.