It’s a wrap, in a same same but different mango tree.

I didn’t realise how much of a creature of habit I am, until I described to my colleague, how one should turn left upon getting out of immigration, walk past shops selling souvenirs and Thai snacks, go down the slope and there’d be a massage shop ok the left.. and further down to the right of the shop, would be mango tree.

So despite my boarding gate being in the opposite direction to my usual hunt, I walked there anyway, just to check if I was right.

I am, but of course I had to walk all the way back, in the opposite direction, past less familiar shops, very bright colors and lights from skincare and cosmetics counters shouting “Buy me!”, “I’m the best!”, “I solve all skin issues!”.. and more Thai snacks.

And then I saw, another mango tree. 😆

Same restaurant, two opposite locations.

I guess it’s time to stop insisting on going to that mango tree on the left.

It’s been a pretty rough and tiring week and I’m so glad I’m going home.

I fell strangely sick on my second night and couldn’t sleep until 4am. My tummy was churning and I felt nauseous. Was up at 6am out of habit and tummy ache (again).

Thankfully I managed to hold up for the rest of the day, eating carefully and in small amounts, avoiding anything that might cause a tummy upset, including coffee.

Also, thank God for pochai pills, whatever is inside those little black seeds.

And then Clarissa was sick in school yesterday, throwing up after assembly.

I missed the call from her teacher as I was in the shower, after yet another very late night.

The hubs had to pick her up from school and send her to the doctor.

She was probably dancing too much, got dizzy and suddenly felt a tummy ache, coughed and promptly threw up.

The doctor said it was probably just from the dizziness from dancing, and sent them back with medicine for vomiting.

She developed a slight fever after getting home.

Allie had a bit of runny nose for the past few days, and last night she had such a difficult and painful time trying to poop, she cried and cried until she vomited.


I feel so bad for the hubs having to go through such a pukey day.

I was quite distracted the entire day, checking for updates from the hubs during consumer interviews, on the road, in between discussions, while having to play tour guide and coordinate team schedules and all.

So glad I managed to get a massage at the close of the day.

All better today!

Work has been so draining.

But I’m grateful, for all the help I get and the mango tree at the opposite of the more familiar end.