Cheering ourselves on


Her “take photo for Daddy” face.

I decided not to attend my BU’s dinner on Friday and to come home to these two for the evening.

Allie is still nursing a cold and allergic reaction to an insect bite, and Clarissa has been feeling neglected the entire week.

What a week it has been.

Monday: The hubs brought Allie to see the PD in our neighbourhood for her cough, runny nose and fever.

Tuesday: I had a strange stomach discomfort that caused me to sleep really late.

Wednesday: Debrief in office before heading to the airport. Spammed pochai pills and barely ate.

Flight was alright and I felt better.

Got a message from the hubs when the plane touched down.

Allie’s eyelids were swollen and she had rashes all over, so he brought her to see the same PD again.

The PD said the swelling and rashes were due to a viral infection. Prescribed her with new meds and told us not to start the antibiotics which were given on Monday in case her cold didn’t clear up.

Clarissa didn’t get to pick me up from the airport but thankfully the chocolates from my colleague, her chocolate godmother, more than made up for it.

She lay out all the toys and goodies on the floor and asked me to take a photo of her.

Thursday: I worked from home in the morning before heading off to the office, because I had to present the business model for my BU’s annual meeting.

I barely slept because she was up a few times at night, crying.

Got a message from the hubs that his dad wanted him to return home immediately to take Allie to the hospital (specifically, KKH) because her eyelids still look swollen.

Given our bad experience with KKH, we contemplated our options and decided it was best we take her to her regular PD the next morning.

Rushed home immediately after I was done, so I could check on Allie and spend time with the girls.

I’d promised Clarissa she could open the duplo set that evening.

I was pleasantly surprised to see her constructing the train set purely based on the visuals on the box.

She’d been feeling left out.

She told our helper how everyone in school and on the school bus has been asking about Allie everyday, and how Ah-gong only asks and talks about Allie when he’s here.

“Why nobody asks about me,” She asked our helper.

Our helper tried to explain that it’s because Allie is sick.

I guess she understands and has been very sweet to Allie, but she can’t help but feel left out.

So we told ourselves we should make it a point to give her more attention.

Unfortunately, Allie’s eyelids got more and more swollen after I finished dinner.

It was mostly only her upper eyelid that was swollen but as night fell, her lower eyelid got swollen as well.

I decided we should not wait until the next morning and once the hubs got home and had his dinner, we rushed off to take Allie to the doctor.

We decided on the Thomson 24-hour family clinic because while it wasn’t fantastic it wasn’t as bad as KKH.

I decided to google “Thomson medical kids” and found one clinic that was open until 830pm.

It was already 750pm so I immediately clicked on the number to call the clinic and was told that they close registration at 8pm, and that they do not take registration via phone.

I explained the situation to the clinic assistant and asked her to make an exception. She eventually relented but said we had to reach before 830pm.

Flew out of the house after consoling a crying Clarissa who couldn’t control her sadness at not being able to go out with us.

For some reason I thought the clinic was at the same location as TMC when I called but luckily I had the sense to check the address again from the link I’d clicked on.

It turned out to be in Serangoon and when I tried calling the same number to confirm the address, they’d stopped picking up calls.

We reached the carpark at 820pm, and literally ran to look for the clinic. It was our first visit and we weren’t familiar with the place at all.

Made it slightly before 830pm and they kindly took us in.

We were the last patient so it took nearly an hour before we saw the pediatrician.

Allie got more and more playful and was lining up the toys in the clinic on the floor like she was at home? πŸ˜‚

And then she walked around the PD’s office touching stuff, trying to open the door to get out, and putting her face into the hole at the back of the chair.

The PD was very amused by her. She was also very nice and patient, explaining her diagnosis and the course of action including which meds she’d be prescribing for which condition.

It turned out that the swelling on her eyelids was an allergic reaction to the insect bite on her arm.

The bite on her arm also got more swollen that day, and was hard and warm, a sign of infection.

The doctor earlier did not see the bite as an infection, possibly because it wasn’t as huge as a golf ball the first time she saw it.

We got the meds and left the clinic, thankful we decided to see a pediatrician and glad we found a good one by chance.

The next hurdle was the meds. Unlike Clarissa, Allie is very bad with meds.

She was given four types of meds to treat her cold, the bite and her allergy. It was past 10pm by the time we got home, which meant she was overtired and it was even more difficult to give her meds.

So the hubs put all the meds into her milk but alas the taste was probably too overpowering and she ended up rejecting the milk.

I told the hubs to mix it back with the rest of the milk so that it hopefully could cover the taste of the meds.

I eventually managed to give the milk to her when she was up crying at 3am.

Friday: I went for the offsite meeting feeling like a zombie but a happier one because she was looking better already.


Promised Clarissa she could open the other Lego set and she made sure I kept my promise, first thing in the morning.

To my surprise again, she was able to build the set on her own, looking at the instructions booklet.

She did about 80% of it and had some help from Daddy!

Chilling at Starbucks while waiting for me to be done.

They had a funny conversation about their sleeping habits.

Clarissa has been sleeping in our room with the hubs for the past week since I was out and the past fews days since I was taking care of Allie.

“Does my snoring bother you?” He asked her.

“It’s a bit loud but it’s ok?” She said. “You snore and I 放屁 (fart), so it’s ok.”


Lunch with her Yiyis and she played drawing game with them.

She drew MBS!?

Not perfect but there were 3 blocks and something that looked like a ship on top?

But she quickly erased it before I could take a photo of it because she was a little disappointed that it was so easy to guess. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

One with the “gorilla”.

Loving her in this dress from minitotz!

Though my mum said she looks like a little auntie. πŸ˜†

One with mirror.

Almost back to regular programming!