Father’s Day

First Father’s Day celebration in school with both girls! 😍😍

So proud of Clarissa, who has been given the task of calling out “1, 2, 3” after singing performance to get her classmates to greet all the Daddies a happy father’s day.

I managed to get home before the sky got dark to take them downstairs for an ice cream run.

Back story: Both girls cried after the Father’s Day celebration, when Daddy had to leave for the office. So Daddy promised Clarissa ice-cream in the evening.

It looked like he was going to work late (and he did) so I brought them instead.

Happy faces.

Don’t be fooled, there was only a teaspoon of ice-cream in Allie’s cup and she dropped half of it on her romper.

Stress buying.

I’ve been feeling quite down at work.

I was supposed to drop by the mall to buy my foundation, which has run out. I popped into a hair accessories store and bought way too many hair accessories for the three of us girls at home.

Allie was very excited and immediately put on the hairband.

I guess she has slightly different ideas on how hairbands should be worn.

Ooh the food / carbs only situation has slightly improved on Friday!

According to the teachers, she had some fish soup and vegetables with rice for lunch.

Same at home! She asked for corn for dinner but her Yaya told her there was no more corn (truth) and she ate the soup with tomato and sliced pork, and rice, of course.

In fact she’d already finished eating her dinner when I got back!

Waiting for the day she’d eat like Clarissa in school. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

At 3am she suddenly shouted, “Rice!”

But she was still sleeping? Eyes closed, but dreaming about rice. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Jumping in a puddle this morning. πŸ™ˆ

Took her to her PD for vaccination after breakfast.

At 19 months young, she weighs 11kg (from 10.3kg) and her height is at 81cm (from 77cm).

Today also marks the first time we decided not to pack lunch for her.

She’s not been eating the meals we pack for her. πŸ˜‚

Ordered a bowl of kuey teow soup for the girls to share.

And they finished everything!

The girls fell asleep on our way home from the PD and lunch.. and couldn’t nap when we got home.

Entertained them for nearly 2 hours before waking the hubs up from his nap.

Decided to head out earlier for our dinner.

It turned out to be a good idea because the roads were blocked for NDP and it took us an hour to get to One Fullerton. The girls napped in the car again, which was good.


Allie was still sleepy lol.

Hahaha our feeble attempt at a family wefie.

A very nice Caucasian lady saw us struggling and offered to help us take a photo.

So nice, both the person and the photo. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

My loves.

This was Clarissa literally asking the waitress, “Hello, what is the best milkshake you have here?”


Before this, Daddy was asking for burger recommendations.

Dinner at Overeasy was pretty easy, in the sense there was something for everyone in the family.

Case in point #1.

Case in point #2.

Pretty Oreo-eater. πŸ˜†

Ok, maybe not. πŸ˜…

Happy Father’s Day!

Always our biggest pillar of support.

Hahaha monkey see monkey do.

I really love this photo of us!

Ooh, and happy dating anniversary too!

Now with two more girls to love and to hold.

To be honest, food was so-so. For the same price, PS Cafe would have been much better!

But it’s been a nice family outing!

And funny too.

I was packing up after we were done, and asked the hubs to head out for a walk with the girls first.

I saw the hubs standing outside the restaurant, and the girls following him when I heard a loud bang!

It took me a few seconds to register that it was probably the firing of the cannons (is that what you call it? πŸ˜…) for the NDP rehearsal.

Both girls came running back into the restaurant with worried and scared faces, crying and shouting, “Mummy!”


Very drama.

I hugged both of them until the firing stopped completely.

My back nearly broke but it was so amusing I managed to hold on.


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