Day 8 of school for Allie today, and she happily marched into the classroom (literally, with her arms and legs swinging as straightened as possible 😆) with Clarissa.

No whining or crying at all, unlike the past few days where the teacher had to carry a crying Allie away from me, though the crying usually stopped in less than a minute.

Clarissa has also already preempted the potential crying by running ahead to pick up a ball from the ballpit to distract her little sister.

A good start!

Hopefully this continues!

The food situation is getting better too.

Her English teacher called me yesterday to give me an update on Allie’s progress. She does not cry at all during school hours, and understands and follows instructions very well. Before they could help her with her lunch yesterday she’d already picked up the spoon to feed herself tofu, fish and of course, rice.

My helper also shared a video of her 2 evenings ago, feeding herself huge spoonfuls of rice. 😆

So, so adorable. #oldwongsellsmelon

We only had trouble this morning with putting on the school uniform, because she was upset about having to change out of her Minnie Mouse t-shirt.

So I improvised and stuck Mickey mouse stickers on her uniform.

And sweet Jiejie stuck a sticker on her own uniform too, to assure her it IS indeed a Mickey mouse uniform. 😆😆

She’s in a Mickey/Minnie Mouse phase now.

Always exclaiming, “Mouse!” and insisting to put on something with a Mickey/Minnie mouse on it.

She has 2 (or 3?) Mouse t-shirts but because she has been insisting on wearing “Mouse!” all the time, we ran out of Mouse shirts for her and had to tap into Clarissa’s stash, starting with the smallest sizes that are getting a little too short for Clarissa.

Wearing the one from their San-yi!

She pulled another one Mmouse tshirt out of the drawer when she saw that the PJs that her Yaya prepared for her to wear after showering were not “Mouse” ones. 😂

She put the tshirt on, all on her own, though with the mouse on her back instead.

Probably going for a front and back mouse look? 😆😆

She found it very fun and funny to hide under my dress and then play peekaboo.

Disturbing Jiejie while Jiejie was still eating dinner by hitting Jiejie repeatedly.

Jiejie pretended to cry really dramatically.

So she got worried and started checking on Jiejie and trying to sayang her.

And kiss her.

Until Jiejie couldn’t pretend to be upset anymore.

I love how Jiejie recounts the way Allie reacts when she sees her in school.

“You know, Mummy? When Allie saw me in school, she ran to me so fast to hug me!! She’s even faster than a rocket you know?”

That was last Friday.

She said Allie would hug her and then refuse to let go. Her teacher had to pull her away from Clarissa. 😅

And last night it was, “You know, Mummy? Now when Allie sees me in school, she will just smile and say hello Jiejie!”

I guess that’s progress, too.