The day we’ve been waiting for! 😄

Clarissa has been practising for her performance so much and so hard, even Allie knows the steps lol.

This year’s program booklet is no longer in hard copy.

Scanned a QR code to download the pdf version of it!

The kids have been learning about sustainability and I love it that the school is walking the talk.

We dropped Clarissa off to get ready for her perfomance and went for breakfast.

And this was me, literally, the entire morning.

We were in Yakun, and seated at a pretty crammed table. The hubs was trying to put the toast onto the table when he knocked over my cup of iced kopi-si kosong.

The cup wasn’t covered so there was a huge splash and the entire content of the cup was emptied onto my dress, and splashed onto Allie’s.

The couple seated next to us quickly handed over a big pack of tissue paper to us, and shifted to the next table so we could clean up.

I always pack a change of clothes for Allie when we go out so I was able to get Allie changed. I tried to clean myself up in the washroom but it was quite difficult to do so in a public toilet that had the kind of dryer where you place your hands in between rather than underneath it.

I was quite certain that Clarissa’s performance would be in the first half so I told the hubs I would go home to change right after her performance and then rush back by intermission.

He didn’t think it was necessary / a good idea, but erm my dress was wet and sticky and I smelled like coffee, and even my underwear was wet.

He was apologetic and said he would go and look for a shop selling clothes to get something for me, but erm, at 9:30 in the morning, in CBD area.. no shop would be open this early even if they are open at all.

Luckily we spotted a handicap toilet on our walk back to the theatre and it had the hand dryer I was looking for. I had to take out my dress and dry it underneath, without washing the coffee off since it’d take too long to dry.

I walked out of the toilet feeling half decent – at least my dress was 80% dry and I wouldn’t be sitting in the theatre soaking wet.

At this point I was just tired because it has been a tiring week and I was only looking forward to properly enjoying Clarissa’s performance.

I’d have loved to throw a hissy fit (because why should I be so rational all the time? 😂) but I didn’t, because I am rational. 😂

He didn’t do it on purpose and in the grand scheme of things I was lucky 1) it wasn’t hot coffee and 2) my dress wasn’t white – dark green and brown blend ok together. 😂😂

No point crying over spilt coffee.

Though I smelt coffee and smelt like coffee the entire day.

Our +1 for the day.

She was so good! Watching intently, dancing along and clapping whenever each peformance ended.

Clarissa’s performance was the first item!

She saw us waving at her and nodded back at us.

She danced well! She remembered all the steps despite it being such a fast number.

What makes this year extra special is that she has lines to speak! Lol.

She’s the one standing in the middle.

I’ve heard her practising her lines at home, but she always says the lines of all three of them, and always very quickly.

So I’m pleasantly surprised about how she spoke so clearly and so steadily, not rushing through her lines or worrying about the audience.

I didn’t realise I was actually beaming from ear to ear as she performed and as I pointed to Allie, “This is Jiejie!”

So, so, so proud of her.

Very cute performance by the toddler class.

Only Allie’s teachers were dancing though. 😆😆

This girl recognised her teachers and classmates, and started dancing along too.

One of them saw her from the stage and pointed at her lol.

Mega cute!

And she ate pretty well at the buffet spread during intermission!

But she got increasingly tired and restless in the second half. 😅😂

Love her moves though lol.

It’s a wrap!

Good job, our little bunny!

Love this photo I took!

Spot Allie.

No one was in the mood for photos already.

Well, we tried.

I sent the video to my FIL and he called me in the evening asking me if Clarissa is the one standing in the middle. 😆

“不错嘞! čŽ˛åž—åžˆåĨŊīŧŒåˆä¸äŧšæ€¯åœē! 我不įŸĨ道åĨščŋ™äšˆåŽ‰åŽŗ!” He said.

It’s the first time he’s called to give me feedback about the videos I send to him. 😄

I told Clarissa what Ah-gong said to me about her performance, in my own voice.

“But Ah gong doesn’t talk like that,” she said to me.

“Oh? How does he talk then?” I asked her, amused.

She paused, then knitted her brows into a slight frown, deepened her voice, and repeated what I said.


“Ah gong’s happy face is not VERY happy one,” she added.

I felt like I was in drama class all over again.


As a reward for her outstanding performance (and also seeing she has a bit of a runny nose too) I offered to give her a good massage before she slept.

“Best massage ever ok?” I promised her.

But I started with very low pressure on her shoulder, and she immediately said, “Erm, Mummy? This is a bit too soft. Are you sure this is the best?”


Ok boss.

From whom is she getting all her drama and wit?

I wonder.