Sleepless nights and Mini breaks

My view on Sunday morning, at 730am.

Spot a certain Little Miss Tarzan in a toga. πŸ˜†

It’s pretty rare for the two girls to sleep beyond 7am on most days. Clarissa came into her room at around 745am. We cuddled for a bit while Allie continued to sleep until our chatter woke her up.

I can’t quite remember which night is which now, but every night with Allie is similar but different.

Two nights before, at around 1am, I woke up to her angry whining and saw her arm stuck in her shirt. One arm was already out of the sleeve, Tarzan style, and the other arm was stuck at the collar.

I immediately got up to free her arm and change her out of the tshirt which was wet with sweat, but her crying only got louder and louder, until the hubs and the helper came into the room.

She was inconsolable.

It took three adults to finally put her into a singlet, while she continued crying the entire block down.

Then I had an idea. Clicked on Netflix and looked for her favorite nursery rhymes. Started playing it with the screen covered.. and she calmed down almost immediately.

I sent everyone back to their respective rooms and left the songs on until she dozed off.

Still, she would stir every few minutes, tossing and turning while shouting, “No! No!!”

The hubs could hear her from the other room.

I was worried our neighbours might call the police and report us for child abuse. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

The next night, she was up at 3am, and her arm already out of her sleeve. This time I knew better than to try to help her. πŸ˜…

She shouted, “No!” Angrily before pulling off both her socks.

I got up to make milk for her since she did not drink much before she fell asleep.

It worked, and she slept past 745am, when her Jiejie woke her.

Good start to Sunday!

It was term break in their swimming school so no lessons for the girls that day.

Had breakfast, watched cartoons, played hide and seek, read a few books.

It suddenly occured to me that we were not practising Chinese Sunday.

“Hey Clarissa, today is supposed to be Chinese Sunday right? How come you didn’t speak Chinese to us?” I asked her.

She smiled sheepishly but recovered quickly, “Because today.. Chinese Sunday has a term break! No Chinese Sunday! We start again next Sunday!”



We had lunch, I gave the girls some milk and watched them sleep.

For once, Allie napped better than Clarissa!

We were deciding between Gardens by the Bay and Jewel to take the girls to after their nap. The weather seemed fine so the hubs decided on GBTB.

This was also Clarissa’s choice but as our car pulled into the carpark, we were greeted with warm sunlight and she said, “Wah Mummy it’s very hot leh. Maybe we should go to Jewel?”


Erm, too late.

We got there around 5pm and it was warm and humid and crowded.

As we figured out the queue system, the hubs’ tshirt was already drenched in sweat. He looked at me and said, “Wah so many people.”

I knew he was thinking what I was thinking.

Should have gone to Jewel.


“Want to go home?” I asked Clarissa, who was getting grumpy about the heat and having to queue up.

Hahaha I was hoping she’d say yes but she wanted to stay and play.


The girls had fun!

One with Buzz Lightyear.

I only wished the weather was cooler.

Dinner at the food court was a chaotic affair. Food was expensive for the quality we got?

Bought ice cream as promised.

Then we had to take the girls to the toilet to get changed. The queue was very long so the hubs suggested I take Clarissa to change and we could change Allie in the car.

When we walked out of the toilet, we saw an exasperated and angry Daddy holding a crying Allie.

Apparently she started crying for “Mummy, Mummy!” when the hubs took her and didn’t stop until we got out of the toilet.


I could imagine how others might have thought the hubs kidnapped her!?

Hahahaha this girl.

As we walked back to the carpark, she’d shout “Daddy, Daddy!” whenever she lost sight of the hubs who was walking ahead with Clarissa.

What a tiring outing lol.

The heat and humidity is the reason why I prefer to travel in spring or autumn. πŸ˜…

We spent 20 minutes giving Allie her meds, showered her and then she slept without much fuss.

Though she cried at 1am, angry again. πŸ˜‚

Settled her with the help of nursery rhymes.. and then I couldn’t sleep until 4am.

She was up at 6am. I made milk for her and dozed off.

And then we were all up at 645am.

Good thing I’ve taken off in lieu today and tomorrow for working the last weekend.

Allie wanted to put on her uniform when she saw Clarissa getting changed.

We had a very productive morning cleaning and packing the girls’ toys.

No “before” picture but it was basically a mess.

It took me about 2.5 hours reorganizing everything while Allie played amongst all the toys, taking out new stuff to play every 10 minutes.

Her biggest contribution was bringing me a wooden square she found in another stack or toys that should be on the shapes board.

I was quite impressed she recognized it!

She ate her lunch pretty well!

Took her out to get lunch and she was so happy.

The noodle stall auntie tried to make small talk with me.

“δ½ θ‡ͺε·±ηœ‹ε•Š?” She asked me when she saw that I brought Allie along. (You look after her yourself?”)

I politely told her, in as little words as possible, that I’m on leave today and my helper looks after Allie.

“ε“¦οΌŒζˆ‘θΏ˜δ»₯δΈΊδ½ θΏ™δΉˆδΌŸε€§!” She dismissed me quickly. (Ah, I thought you are so noble!)


I get it that she probably didn’t mean it that way so I am not too offended by her.

But seriously, why can’t we be δΌŸε€§ηš„working moms?

Made Allie nap before I snuck out for a much needed massage.

The therapist was amazed by how blocked and tight my body was. πŸ˜‚

She woke up from her nap, realised I was out and asked our helper, “Mummy go work?”


Clung onto me and refused to let me go to the toilet.

We picked Jiejie up from the school bus and as usual, had conversations with various neighbours / passersby lol, the power of Allie.

I showed Clarissa how I organised the toys so she would know where to put them after playing.

She’s amazed by how easy it is to find and keep the toys away.

“Wah Mummy! You pack the toys very well leh! Next time can you pack the toys for us?” She said cheekily.

Erm, my intention is for you to pack them properly? πŸ˜†

Post dinner performance by the girls.

It’s good to be on a mini break!

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