I love how Allie’s teacher sums up her progress in school.

I’m filled with respect and gratitude for the work she does with the little ones, and the passion she has.

It’s been 4 weeks of school so far, with a week of hiatus, and so far I’ve received not only verbal updates on the phone, but also written and visual ones.

I’m so glad Allie is adapting so well in school.

I especially love the photos of her eating. 😆😆

So far she’s eaten long beans, broccoli and fish, besides rice lol.

She wants to feed herself but sometimes the teachers jump in to help when she gets tired.

Big girls put their plates away, on their own.

The school is her playground.

With so much to explore.

Friends to hug and hold.

And a sister to cheer her on.

Her teacher told me how she’s been dancing along to her classmates’ concert number, even though she’s not taking part in the concert this year.

Today the toddlers watched the bigger kids practise for the concert, and Allie stood up when she saw Clarissa performing, and clapped for Clarissa.


So precious.

In the mean time, the bigger one took a few selfies on my phone.

I had a 9pm call on Wednesday night and so she was in our room with the hubs while I took the call in her room.

She came into her room while I was still in the midst of the call so I signalled her to be quiet and she obliged.

The next evening she told me she came into her room even though she knew I wasn’t done.

“Because I want to watch how you work, so that I can learn,” she said earnestly.

I was a little impressed.

“So what did you learn anything?” I asked.

“You look a bit fierce when you are working,” she said.


Only 3 days of work this week and I feel like I’ve maxed out on the number of difficult conversations I had with different people.

I had a good chat with HR this morning and I felt better after the talk. Not because my problems have been solved, but because I felt safe enough to share my honest thoughts with her.

Truly one of the best HR managers I’ve worked with.

It’s Friyay, so, yay.

I’ll think about it again in two days’ time.

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