Here’s the back story!

The girls were having lunch when my FIL called the hubs to say he’s coming over.

The hubs told him we were going to take the girls out for their swimming lessons.

My FIL told the hubs not to let Allie swim today, despite the hubs reassuring him that she has fully recovered. My FIL said it’d be best to let her sit out this week’s class because she might catch a cold again.

He got here when we were about to leave the house, and Allie has already changed into her swimming costume.

The hubs asked my FIL if he’d like to join us but he said no, he’s going back and he’s not interested to watch “this kind of thing”. 😂

But he reiterated that we should not let Allie swim. So the hubs said okokok we will go but not let her swim. 🤞

So my FIL got into his car and drove off while we were still buckling the girls into their car seats.

When we got into the car we knew what we were going to do. 😂

But we asked Clarissa what she would do, and she shrugged sheepishly and said she didn’t know.

A few seconds later she said, “Ah-gong would be in [where he stays] right? So he cannot see if Allie is swimming or not right?”

I can only say, she thinks like her dad.

And that was when we realised that my FIL had slowed down his car to let our car overtake his, so he could follow us to the swimming school.


I was worried that the hubs would insist on letting Allie go for her class anyway so I kept telling him it’s ok.

We forfeited a lesson, since there is no medical reason or advance notice.. but honestly it’s not worth it to get into a fight over $38 or $40.

It’s funny to see how my FIL is so protective over Allie and the lengths he’d go to, to ensure we don’t do what he told us not to.

I told the hubs he can’t blame his dad for knowing him so well. 😂

Anyway, Allie had fun playing at the waiting area so all is good.

It’s all done out of love and concern for her so we should feel blessed, not bitter.


Lunch was good!

She woke up like this yesterday.

I think she took her arm out of the sleeve and slipped her arm back into the sleeve from the other side.

And this is what she’d do when you say to her, “Allie, naughty face!”

Oversized tshirt ftw.

The first tshirt is size 100. I’d asked our helper to “transfer” all of Clarissa’s size 100 Mickey/Minnie mouse tshirts to Allie.

The second tshirt is size 110, which is still Clarissa’s but Allie saw it last night and insisted on wearing it.

I really wonder where the love for mice came from.


Jiejie thinks the toga style is funny.

I went out for my colleague’s wedding last night so these three chilled at home!

It’s been a few years since I attended a wedding and I have forgotten how late it stretches.

It’s always nice to attend weddings where there is so much love and joy and it feels so nice and fuzzy!

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