Three girls, a market.


In the backseat of a 7-seater.

This was how we rolled (yo, yo) most of time in Penang over the weekend.

Penang Hill, with our favourite family. 😄

Our Airbnb for 2 nights.

The girls had so much fun.

Took the girls to Gurney Plaza for dinner before the adults bought our dinner at the adjacent Gurney Market.

Allie’s best meal during the entire trip: White rice and Chicken soup (only the soup) from DTF.


While waiting for the Daddies to buy dinner.

We had a very decent dinner with decent adult conversation while the girls watched cartoons on the couch.

Obligatory photo at Georgetown. 😍

It was too hot. 😅

We realised that the girls don’t do that well with heat and humidity.

Barely 20 minutes into it, Clarissa declared, “I don’t want to take any more photos. It’s too hot.”


Chilling at the lounge, courtesy of sim and her hubs, before taking our flight home.

Where the girls ate like they didn’t have lunch earlier.

It was a pretty rough day with Little Miss Allie who had a meltdown after her nap. 😪

But nothing a cap and some cereals can’t fix.

These GIFs sum up the trip best. 😄

It’s still not easy traveling with young kids, and we tell ourselves “not again, not soon, no”.. but we look at these photos and we forget the tantrums, the meltdowns and the sleepless nights, and do it all over again.

Clearly, writing has taken a backseat these days.

Crazy workload, not-so good health, exhaustion, flu-ish kids.. so I’ve been choosing sleep over writing.

I’ve also not been running for the past 2 weeks, because I haven’t been feeling that well and the sheer amount of work is stressing me out.

And the stress comes not from not knowing how to do the work, but from not having enough time, and yet getting interrupted all the time.

I’m not able to sit for long stretches to finish something, getting pulled into discussions, urgent tasks, or simply, time to go home.

Just like how I’ve not been able to eat or finish my lunch or dinner properly. So my appetite and tummy situation have been quite bad.

Instead of leaving at 5pm to go to the gym, I’ve been staying back to finish work instead. Working after the girls sleep isn’t great because I usually end up with insomnia.

I hope this is just a rough season I have to tide over.

I can’t do everything at the same time.

Some things have to be dropped, and I’ll just have to pick them up again, hopefully soon.

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