Things that make me happy

Watching the girls’ little dance performance.

Clarissa has somehow picked up the steps for the toddler class’ concert performance. She’d start singing and dancing to the song, and Allie would follow suit.

Watching them play nicely together, taking turns without me asking them to.

That look of glee and adoration on Allie’s face.

They were pretend-playing, and declared that they’d be traveling for 39 days.

Traveling for real.

Four girls about to conquer the world.

I love how the two big girls take care of the littlest one in the group.

Everyday in Penang, I’ve heard Ruth saying to Allie, “Allie you are so small and so cute!”


It warms my heart.

When she kissed her Daddy so much in the cable car ride down Penang Hill, the man got shy instead. 😘😍

When bubbly Allie goes to school.

Re-enactment of her “Mummy, are you picking us up from the bus?” face. She squeezed her face together into a hopeful smile that revealed all her dimples.

The look of happiness at Daddy or Mummy pick-up service.

Done sometime back, but still loving my organized earrings stash.

Drawers and compartments from Muji.

Repurposed the previous old earrings/jewellery holder to hold Clarissa’s hair clips and rubber bands instead.

The night I was able to shower Clarissa without having to stop Allie from entering the bathroom.

Turned out she was busy with something else. πŸ˜…

I made her clean up, which she did obligingly.

#KFC = #KeepFridaysChill lunch in office.

Just because.

I love the spontaneity and warmth and passion of my team.

Doing work I enjoy.

I had a nice work from home day yesterday, working on these decks about consumer tensions, and really enjoying myself.

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