7am on Saturday morning.

The girls were playing dress-up with their blankets as capes.

Lol though I couldn’t get a clear shot.

They were moving nonstop and the lighting was dim.

I couldn’t help but make a poster out of it.


We spent more than an hour in the room just singing and playing lol.

Clarissa can sing. Lyrics aren’t clear but the tune sounds right.

Allie can sing too. This is her favourite song about herself. 😂

We were so amused by how she sang the 933 jingle in the car.

The plan for Saturday: Hubs – Spartans race, Clarissa and I – Hair salon, Allie – Chill at home with Yaya.

I was worried she’d be hungry so we walked two rounds hunting for food.. only to decide on toast.

She ate while my hairstylist started on my highlights.

She got bored when she was done eating, “How come the Jiejie still not here to cut my hair huh?”


She has her favorite Jiejie whom she prefers; my hairstylist jokingly asked her to let him cut her hair but she turned him down.

Since her first hair wash experience she has been asking me to let her wash her hair in the salon, “so that I don’t need to wash at night”.

Okay boss.

Happy with her hair cut lol.

And then she waited for a good hour before I was done. I had to take her to the toilet with semi wet hair, because “mummy I very urgent my pee is coming out”. 😂

She was mostly very well behaved and patient. Very good salon kaki.


Lunch that was more like desserts.

But she ate so happily, mopping the blueberry jam clean with the waffle.

We went to Uniqlo for a quick shopping to get socks for her (she wore new shoes and developed blisters), and one tshirt each for her and Allie (on sale 😂).

Then we took a Grab to the mall near our place..

For this Lego activity.

Build something and get a Lego x NatGeo booklet, and 10% off Lego friends.

Honestly after seeing how Lego is cheaper in Australia I’m less keen to buy in Singapore unless the discount is 30% or more. 😅

We were about to pay for the two small toys she picked for herself and her sister when we saw this near the checkout counter.

She loved it so much I let her push it around the store.

I told her this is more expensive than the toys we are getting, and she made a pitch to buy one toy for her and one stroller for Allie and they would share both the toy and the stroller.

I secretly found the stroller very cute too, hahaha so I pretended it made sense.

I found another brand that was $10 cheaper than the Little Pony one so I told her we could get the stroller for Allie.

When we got home, we set up the stroller excitedly, and even lined up the soft toys to take their turns.

But Allie pushed all the soft toys off to the floor.

Because she’s the real baby.


I honestly did not see this coming.


Ridiculous but hilarious.

I tried to show her pictures of the stroller with toy babies sitting on it, “See? Only small babies can sit! You are a big girl!”

But she pushed the pictures away and continued to squeeze herself into the seat.

No fights, because it was just nice, that one enjoys pushing the stroller and one enjoys sitting on it.

Allie was so happy with the stroller, she declared, “Baby! Wah wah wah!” While her sister pushed her around the house.

Indulgent Mummy Clarissa took quite a few photos of her Baby Bear with my phone. 😅

Still at it this morning.

On our way to get breakfast this morning!

They got changed themselves to twin themselves lol.


It’s back to regular programming this Sunday.

Lunch, swim, nap.

On our way to swimming lesson, I told the hubs we have to book the makeup lessons for girls, especially Allie who has missed two classes this term.

Clarissa looked bewildered and said, “Huh makeup lesson? But I don’t like to put lipstick.”



Allie napped on me after her swim because she was too tired to hold up.

It was difficult getting her to sleep when we got home and she was rolling around playfully and shouting random gibberish.

Clarissa was already sleeping so I resorted to secretly turning on YouTube for the sound of thunder.. and she immediately clung onto me and fell asleep.


Mummy 1, Allie 0.

Small wins count.

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