Parents-Teachers Conference

Up and out bright and early on Saturday morning for the PTC!

It’s our first time attending the PTC for both girls.

No official report for Allie, since she started after 1st June.

But we had a good catch-up on her progress.

She listens and understands instructions well, and is picking up the social skills and etiquette when it comes to taking turns and voicing her displeasure when her toy gets snatched.

She naps very well in class (why not at home) and generally eats lunch quite well (why not at home). 😂😆

It’s not exactly surprising how different she is in school and at home lol.

I’m pleasantly surprised by how she does not mix up her “I”s with “You”s, and how she’s speaking simple but full sentences.

The funniest exchange I heard that morning between her Daddy and her:

Daddy: (Who bought her and Jiejie some bread to share for breakfast) Allie, eat your bread!

Allie: (Stared at her Daddy who was eating a packet of beehoon) I want noodles!


So she taxed Daddy’s noodles instead.

Clarissa has shown more progress since the previous PTC in March, whether it is her drawing, her communication skills, and most importantly her quiet but steady confidence.

She’s pretty good with her writing in both languages, is competent in her show-and-tell presentations and has a good grasp of mathematical concepts.

I think it definitely helps that both her English and Chinese teacher has been with her since N2, and I especially love the way they incorporate learning into art, drama and play.

The summary written by her teacher says it all:

I’m incredibly proud of her and I hope she will always find joy in learning.

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