Our Sassy Girls

Our sassy girl, practising before her gym class. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†

Photo’s blurred because she’s moving too quickly.

She picked the tshirt, which happens to be her pyjamas, and is getting a little too small and short for her.

But these days, I pick my battles. πŸ˜…

The other night she wanted to wear her jersey to sleep.. and I let her.

The following evening, she picked the same jersey again and declared, “I wear, again!

My helper and I were so, so impressed we let her wear it again.

She’s talking even more these days, in longer sentences, and sounding more coherent.

One night she was bouncing up and down the sofa even though I told her to stop. So I deliberately glared at her sternly, not saying a word.

She immediately stopped, frowned and went into the kitchen to look for her Yaya.

I heard her sob and say to her Yaya, “Yaya, Mummy scold.

She loves scribbling and drawing these days and would get me to draw things for her.

“I want, draw star!”

“I want, draw duck duck!”

“I want, draw apple!”

She also knows how to count from one to ten! Probably the result of us always counting with her to let her know when to stop/start doing something.

She has also picked Singlish. Instead of her usual “Daddy, where are you?” she’s been saying, “Daddy LEH?” πŸ˜…

I’ve been trying to correct her.

Her sleeping pattern remains rather erratic. Sometimes she wants to sleep in Clarissa’s room and sometimes she wants to sleep in her room.

Last night she slept in her room with her Yaya but woke up around 1am wanting to look for me. She gathered all her toys and insisted on getting out of her room.

I’d just dozed off after dozing off in a sitting position and waking up again after adjusting myself.

I jumped up and opened the door for her.

She came into Clarissa’s room, and sat on the floor with her head resting on the mattress.

I got her to lie down on the mattress and she did. But a minute later she said, “I want Yaya. I want Yaya. I want Yaya.”


So I took her out of the room again and she went back to her room.

My helper said she talked and sang to herself while lying on her mattress, and then she drank milk and went back to sleep.

Oh yes, she can sing!

Her tunes are quite clear. Twinkle twinkle little star, Bar bar black sheep, and even the Chinese songs they sing in school.

It’s so fun watching her grow.

Likewise for Clarissa!

This is her in her new Minnie Mouse tshirt, which she was so excited about wearing.

Allie taxed at least half of her sister’s Mickey/Minnie Mouse shirts, even those that are not in her current size. So I decided to get a new one for Clarissa (because it was on sale πŸ˜†).

I love how she takes care of Allie and knows when to give in to her (by insisting Allie to say please and thank you to her, lol).

We were at my FIL’s place last weekend and the boy whom my MIL babysat since he was a baby was there too.

While they were playing, the boy said, “Next time I will marry Clarissa.”

My MIL, SIL and I heard what he said, and we all laughed.

Before we left, the boy insisted on giving Clarissa and Allie one of his toys each.

It was quite funny.

I told the hubs and Clarissa about it when we got into the car.

The hubs said, “Huh? NO?” while Clarissa said, nonchalantly, “A lot of people say they want to marry me.

Hahahaha *nervous laughter.

Took the girls out after their naps for a birthday party at my little gym.

They had so much fun!

Allie was like an energiser bunny, super daring and crazy.. and the instructors were so amused by her.

“She should come for classes here!”

“She has the energy of a boy!”


Even I think it’s fun! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

After the gym session, we sang the birthday song and the hosts got the buffet going.

It was mostly sandwiches and finger food (read: angmo food) which the girls don’t quite take to, so we thought we should take them out for dinner after the party.

Clarissa was happily eating mini strawberry tarts which Allie wasn’t familiar with and didn’t want to try at first.

Instead she said to me, “I want, cake. I want, cake.” πŸ˜…

So when the hosts cut the cake and served it, I let the girls share a slice of cake.

Look at their expressions!

Lol I love them so much.

The entire plate, including all the cream, was wiped clean.

Needless to say, when I asked the girls if they had fun, both of them said, “YES!”

It was a really good party for them.

We went for a quick dinner, and they managed to eat their usual portions!

Gym is good.


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