I’ve finally gotten this done, just before she turns two. 😆

I started thinking about doing it, perhaps six months after her birthday? And then I was waiting for a good deal from Photobook. 😅

I probably took as long to do up Clarissa’s first birthday photo too?

Loving them so much!

Now I’m contemplating if I should get the vouchers for the photobooks, but the idea of having to choose the photos and do up the layouts is making me feel.. lazy. 😅😂

Teacher’s Day on Friday means we take leave and go for ice-cream.

Took them for their make-up swimming lesson before this!


Gym and Art class for the small and big one respectively, followed by lunch with Sim and family, followed by nap time, and then we were off to my mum’s place for dinner.

The girls packed their bags and wore their caps like they were going on a camping trip. All toys though. 😂

And we went home with more toys.

And me, with thoughtful gifts from my sisters.

Threening Sunday!

(Haha yes, swimming again.)

Interesting conversations with Clarissa

Recently the topic has been on.. earrings and marriage. 😂

She’s been toying with the idea of getting earrings for a while now but is put off by how it’s going to hurt.

Yet from time to time she’d touch my earring and tell me, “It’s so pretty.”

One day she asked me, “Is it important that we must wear earrings when we get married?”

I think what she meant was, does everyone put on earrings on their wedding day?

So I told her, “You don’t have to put on earrings! But of course you would look pretty if you do.”

She sighed and said, “But it’s so painful.”


On another evening she asked me, “Is it important to get married?”

I considered her question and said to her, “No it’s not a must to get married. You should only get married if you find the right person to get married to.”

“But how do I know if it’s the right person?” She asked.

Such an important and difficult question coming from a soon-to-be-five-year-old.

“Erm ask Daddy?” I joked.


“Find someone who loves you and who treats you well,” I eventually said to her.

The next day, as we were walking behind her Daddy, she said to me, “Next time I’m going to marry Daddy.”

I had to stifle my laughter and tell her the truth.

“You cannot marry Daddy, sweetie. Because I’m married to Daddy,” I said.

“Why I cannot marry Daddy?” She protested.

“Because I’m married to Daddy and Daddy is married to me and we can only be married to one person at a time,” I explained to her.

“That’s not fair!” She exclaimed.


I guess her answer to “someone who loves you and treats you well”.. is her Daddy.

Now that’s really sweet.

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