For her birthday in October, she has requested for a water bottle as her present.

Not just any water bottle but a pink one with a button to press.

So, water bottle it is.

Not just any water bottle, but “the same one as Allie’s, but pink”.

Lol actually I’d bought Allie’s bottle for Clarissa? But Clarissa went into a “no straw” water bottle phase so I decided to keep it for Allie.

I told her she can only start using the bottle on 1st November, and she was completely fine with that. 😆

I had small pockets of time to walk around the mall today and saw this:

I knew Clarissa would love it, but I took a few hours to decide if I should get it.

Because she has so many hair clips.

And because it’s a little.. over the top? 😆

Definitely not my style. 😆😆

I presented them (buy 2 get 1 free so I bought them in 2 colors, plus a set of hair ties #auntie) to her before our bedtime reading.

The look of delight on her face is priceless.

It makes me happy seeing her face light up over something so simple.

She kept glancing up at her bow clip to check if it’s still there while we were reading!

I don’t think she’s going to wait until her birthday to put this on. 😄

She went out of her room excitedly to show her Daddy, who was watching a soccer match in the living room.

“Daddy’s not very interested,” she said and shrugged as she walked back into the room.


Still, it didn’t dampen her mood, and she wanted to keep the hair clip on while she sleeps but being the sensible child she is, she was ok to place it beside her pillow instead.

Not my style, but definitely hers.


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