Happy birthday weekend

A bright and cheery start to the weekend lol.

Took the girls for their gym and art classes on my own because the hubs had to go for a checkup.


The kids her age are clearly in the same “Mine!” phase.

It was the most frequently used word that day.

She’d approach one of the kids who was playing with something, the kid would say, “Mine!” And she would say, “Mine!” right back at him or her.


Yo kids, everything belongs to the gym alright? 😂

Rushed over to her presentation after gym.

Her art teacher said she’s very good with the scissors!

The hubs picked us up after class and we all went back for a good lunch and nap.

Heading out for Daddy’s birthday dinner!

While waiting to be seated.

📷: Clarissa


It’s our first time here, and we went for the 10-course “fine-dining” set.

Haha we called it fine-dining ourselves, because the portion per dish was for two pax only.

Still it was very filling, and the girls shared the course!

They both ate well!

Jiejie helped Allie with her food when she was done with her own.

They were pretty much done by the time the noodles were served.

But Allie wanted some and they had some fun playing some “wiggle wiggle” game before she put the noodles into her mouth.

The food is really good and I really like the ambience. Not too noisy or cramped.

This adoring look made my night.

The cake was complimentary lol because the hubs mentioned to the waitress we were there to celebrate his birthday.

Taken in the washroom.


One for Clarissa.

Another favourite for the night.

Featuring Allie and her sunglasses lol.

On our way home, Allie dropped the sunglasses in the car. We were already driving and we simply couldn’ reach for the glasses which had rolled underneath the passenger seat.

Allie was getting tired and slightly whiny.

Without us asking or prompting, Clarissa took out her other pair of sunglasses and gave them to Allie so she could have another pair to hold on to.

When we got home we found out that Allie had somehow broken one side of the glasses, probably because she was holding onto them too tightly.

Clarissa was only slightly disappointed but wasn’t upset with her sister.

I thanked her for letting her sister have the other pair of sunglasses even when we didn’t ask her to.


After Allie slept, I asked Clarissa to sit with her Daddy while I took a shower.

Came out and saw this.

Monkey see monkey do.

She was holding onto a duplo brick and pretending it was her phone.

This morning.

No wonder, back pain.

Their get-up for today.

Post-lunch ice-cream treat before swimming.

Eyes so round.

I asked the hubs to do the same round eyes and he did this. 😂

“Mummy, just now three people saw me and said I look so cute with the glasses!”


And then it was swim, snack, home, milk, nap, Toy Story movie night and dinner.

What happy weekends are made of.