Daddy Hubs’ Birthday

Hand-written/drawn cards from the girls.

(Yes, scribbles count too.)

I love the “DADDY❤” Clarissa wrote on the envelope. I didn’t ask her to write anything there but she did it on her own.

And the message was what she wanted to say; I spelt the words out for her.

Check out cheeky Allie in the background rummaging through the shoe cabinet. 😂

I got him a hybrid smart watch which he was eyeing from ages ago.

Erm though he said, “A watch? So many watches!” I hope he uses it lah. 😅

Just a simple dinner of meesua, carrot cake (the Chinese kind lol) and cake from Cedele.

I think Allie was the happiest singing the birthday song lol.

Happy birthday, Daddy Hubs!

Thank you for being the best a Daddy Hubs can be. 😘

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