Caught a play put up by Clarissa and her classmates this morning.

They started with a story, and then expanded the story, added new characters, and turned it into a script.

And then they picked the characters they wanted to play, built props, did rounds of rehearsals and even produced tickets to the play.

Clarissa was worried about me misplacing the tickets and kept asking me if I had them with me.

Good thing I did, because there were ticket checkers and ushers standing outside the classroom marking our tickets like what the iimmigration officers would do at check in. 😄

A little someone was having her teabreak outside her classroom when I walked in.. so I had to let her tag along.

Spot Clarissa peeking at us.

I wasn’t able to take any good photos since I was seated right at the back and had to deal with an excited Allie who kept asking, “Where’s Jiejie?” Or exclaiming, “Jiejie there!” whenever she caught a glimpse of her sister.

She played the parts of a narrator as well as an elephant.

An elephant who saved the day by spraying water at the big bad fox.. with her trunk.


It’s a wrap!

The teacher made a giant booklet to detail the steps and processes the kids went through, inciuuding rehearsals after rehearsals.

I love how the school integrates drama into education.

Having been involved in drama productions throughout my high school, junior college snd college years, there is so much I love about writing, directing and producing plays.

It hones your logical and creativity, makes you work hard on your own and as a team, and is all about freedom and discipline.

Most importantly it’s very hard work but a lot of fun.

I think Clarissa picked up a lot of new words and expressions and enjoyed herself thoroughly.

She came home with a stained tshirt which she explained was ice-cream. 😆

Her teachers treated them to ice-cream as a post performance celebration.

“I tried all three flavors!” She said happily.

So her school’s really not that “academic”, but I hope the skills she’s picked up along the way would always stay with her.