Things our girls say

Over lunch today, after she got her fingers all sticky with rice, I asked her, “Allie, are you a good girl?”

“No?” She said.

“Are you naughty?” I asked again.

“No!” She said cheekily.

“I’m funny!” She declared and laughed to herself.


Lunch with a view.

While waiting for the rain to stop, the hubs said, “This kind of weather makes me want to just nuah.”

Nuah?” Clarissa asked.

“Do you know what nuah means?” We asked her.

“I know!” She said after thinking about it. “Nuah means to cuddle.”

“What makes you say that?” I was curious.

“Because there was once Daddy said let’s nuah and then you cuddled,” She said confidently.


We spent most of the afternoon walking and walking but this little trooper did not complain and was content to have a small packet of biscuits to munch on.

Daddy was walking ahead with Allie napping on his shoulders (and arms, oh gosh, how our arms ached 😂) and I was walking beside Clarissa.

She paused for a bit and said to me like she’d just made an important discovery, “Mummy! You know? I walk, I eat biscuit and I fart at the same time!”