Osaka-Kyoto Day 1

Off to the airport!

Our flight was retimed to 3 hours later due to the typhoon.

I was wondering if they’d reschedule it again given all the reports about heavy rain and flood, but they kept to the retimed schedule.

My “holiday” started two days earlier because our helper went back to the Philippines ahead of us.

I jam-packed the two days with clearing some work, packing for not one but two trips, a massage and a facial. 😂

Allie would wake up in the middle of the night asking, where’s Yaya?

I’d remind her, Yaya is in the Philippines.

“Ooohh,” she said, after what must have been our third exchange on the same question. 😂

Even though I was on leave, I’ve been getting messages from my colleagues who were concerned about our safety. It really warms my heart to be working with people who are so kind and caring.


Boss Number One.

Boss Number Two.

(The other boss went to take a shower because he was drenched in sweat carrying all the luggages in the humid weather. 😂)

The flight was good!

Slightly choppy before landing but overall pleasant.

The seat next to ours was not occupied so I let Allie sit on her own.

Yay, 4 seats for the price of 3. 😂

But when it was time to nap she ended up sleeping on me.

Touched down!

Enroute to Kyoto.

Clarissa asked me to send this photo to her Engish teacher.

She took out her phone from her bag and immediately called Ah Gong.

I’m not sure why we always end up squeezing into one seat when the cabin is almost empty. 😂

Our stay for the next three nights!

Stairs are always a hit, no matter now steep. 😂

Allie calls this place a treehouse.

I’m not sure where she gets the idea from, but it does feel like we are climbing up a tree sometimes.

Not quite a ryokan but nice enough.

They love the place so much Clarissa kept asking me if we can stay here forever.

Like that also can play. 😆

It was a pretty long day of traveling and we didn’t get to eat dinner because the stores at the train station were all closed.

The girls had lots of honey stars and coco crunch while we had some bread we brought from home. 🙈

I was so glad we took a cab from Kyoto station instead of navigating the train system + walking with two luggages and two tired and hungry kids.

Gave them a quick shower, milk and bedtime at 10pm.

We had supper, showered and packed for the next day.

Ready for adventure!

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