Kyoto Day 2

For once in a long, long time, we were both up before the kids, had breakfast, washed the bottles and actually waited for them to wake up.


They woke up once in the middle of the night – Allie wanted milk and Clarissa needed to pee – but we all went back to sleep shortly after.

Ready to be out and about!

Took a pretty long walk to the train station lol 5 minutes on paper = 20 minutes with kids and bags.

Landmark to meet Manu-san, who was going to take photos for us at Fushimi Inari Taisha.

We waited at the wrong platform and ended up 15 minutes late.

When I told Manu-san about it he immediately sent me a new train schedule to confirm if we were on the right platform.

Wonders of the Japanese efficiency.

Allie’s second train ride.

The girls’ favourite spot, because, stones.

There is something fun about stepping and jumping on stones that I’m clearly missing. 😂

Our little model at work.

The girls took to Manu-san very quickly, allowing him to hold their hands and obliging for photos happily.

Allie: Daddy you pooping? 😂

It was very crowded at the shrine, but we managed to get our photos taken while having fun.

I’m glad Manu-san asked us to reschedule the photoshoot to a day earlier because of expected rain the next day, and to do it in the morning. The girls would have been tired and cranky had we done it in the afternoon and it would probably be even more crowded by then.

It’s a wrap!

Hehe spot the messages on the girls’ tshirts!

Two cute! Lol. High five!

I thought of the puns (😂) and the design, and got them customised from a Malaysian online store. Much cheaper than those in Singapore!

Since our experience in Melbourne, I think it’s nice to get nice(r) photos of the girls and us taken.

Birthday and holiday photo shoot. 👍👍

Met up with the hubs’ friend after lunch and ice cream.

We were supposed to visit Kiyomizu Temple but the girls fell asleep so we made a pit stop at a random shop to let them nap.

My arms and back went numb from carrying Allie while she slept.. for almost an hour.

We went back to the temple when they woke up but it was too crowded for us to feel like looking around or doing anything.

But we took an obligatory touristy photo anyway. 😂

Another pit stop for waffles and ice-cream (again).

High on love and sugar.

When we left the cafe, Allie went around saying goodbye to all the patrons there. 😆


Highly recommended by my colleague who was salivating at the mention of the food here.

Indeed food was great.

The yakisoba which we ordered for the girls was mindblowing. The girls wanted seconds and the boys ordered another one.

The wagyu beef was the melt-in-your-mouth kind and the chicken was so tender I can’t even.

The only slight disappointment was the signature okonomiyaki. Was expecting it to be out-of-the-world but it was just so-so.

But still! A very good dinner overall!