Kyoto Day 3

We took a very long walk from the train station to Togetsukyo Bridge.

The girls tried takoyaki for the first time!

I was quite surprised that Allie was willing to take a bite.

Before this trip we were quite prepared that she would probably be eating plain rice in miso soup for nine days, everyday. 😂

But so far she’s had ramen, fried rice, yakisoba, fries and takoyaki.

Not the healthiest food but at least there is some variety.

After crossing the bridge, we let them go for a run around the park.

It started drizzling so we settled for lunch at the nearest restaurant, which turned out to be quite nice because they gave us a room with this view.

This one started with plain rice and miso soup but later on also had tofu and chawanmushi.

This one had all of the above, and tempura, fried chicken and pumpkin.

My colorful plate.

This was the day she declared she is funny.

I forgot which day it was, but she was slurping up some noodles and looking somewhat hilarious and cute.

We smiled at her indulgently but she looked up at us and said, rather solemnly, “Not funny!”


Inside Tenryu-ji Temple.

It started raining again when we were almost done with the tour inside the temple so we sat there looking at this view of the garden.

Photo taken by Clarissa. 😂

There were different backviews of the same visitor in the 5 to 6 shots she took lol.

She also took this. 😍

And this.

And these.

She took photos of her Daddy too.

I thought this looked really good.

But then she also took this.

“Daddy sleeping!” She said as she scrolled through the photos. “And then Daddy woke up!”

We could have sat there and stared at this the entire day.

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove.

Someone was fast asleep by then.

We walked and walked and walked, and this was when our little trooper Clarissa discovered her multitasking talent of walking, eating biscuits and farting at the same time.

We walked until we found a place to sit down, and Allie was up from her nap.

The girls were fascinated by these toys we saw at a random shop.

Her sister put her big ribbon on her.

I think it looks pretty on her too!

We went to the mall near our airbnb and killed some time in the arcade before dinner.

Clarissa is almost always letting Allie take the driver seat, even though she wants to take it herself.

Looking very solemn before dinner was served.



Allie refused to leave the arcade because she wanted to play more, and then she refused to sit down properly at the table.

I didn’t take photos but this was the first time Allie actually ate fried rice.

I’d ordered ramen to share with her but decided to try my luck with the fried rice. Back at home she refuses to eat any form of fried rice.

But this time she took a bite and wanted more.

We usually order one serving of food for both girls to share but this time both of them asked for seconds so we had to order another plate of fried rice.

And we got 150+ edited photos from our photoshoot!

With a lovely note from Manu-san about how much he enjoyed taking photos of us.

I love the photos!