Kyoto-Osaka Day 4

(Stealing some time to update while the girls watch some nursery rhymes. 😂)

Day 4, we are checking out of our airbnb in Kyoto and heading back to Osaka.

I love mornings like this.

The girls have settled into a routine of sleeping by 830pm.

We would go back downstairs to prepare stuff for the next day, prepare water and milk powder for the night and morning, and chitchat.

Because the stairs are so steep and tiring to climb, we try to make it a one-time effort to carry all the stuff we need for the night.

There was once after a long and tiring day, we finished up all the chores and had our hands full with bottles and whatnots. We walked to the stairs, about to head up but suddenly that flight of stairs looked so neverending we unanimously uttered the f word under our breath.. and laughed.

We would turn in for the night, and the girls would wake up around 7am.

Allie’s night wakes have been reduced from twice to once to waking up at 5-6am for milk and then going back to sleep.

We headed to Nijo Castle in the morning after we were done packing our luggage.

Our host kindly allowed us to leave our luggage behind after checking out so we could do some sightseeing before leaving for Osaka.

The girls were fascinated the strong wind blowing their hair. 😂

I think this is our first proper ‘sightseeing’ where we took time to walk through the castle and talk to Clarissa about it.

We saw Room Number 1, Room Number 2, Room Number 3.. basically many rooms used for waiting, meetings, etc with different paintings to set the tone and mood.

“I want to live here!” Clarissa exclaimed. “Because it’s so big!”

But as we walked through the castle she asked a very important question, “How does the king go to the toilet?”


We said we are not sure, what do you think?

“I think he needs to run very far and very fast, or he’d pee on someone!” She remarked.

Here’s Allie saying “Hello shadow!” when the sun was out and “Byebye shadow!” when the clouds covered the sun.

The garden was lovely.

Allie exclaimed, “Water!” excitedly when she saw the pond.

And then we walked further down and she exclaimed, “More water!”

Well, she’s not wrong. 😂

The best of six attempts at a wefie. 😅

5 minutes later, she was fast asleep.

And this little trooper walked all the way from the castle to the mall for lunch.

It was at least a 20-minute walk.

She woke up before lunch was served and had fries and fried rice.

Quick playground run before heading back to our Airbnb. Too bad it started drizzling so we had to leave.

And she refused to leave.

Enroute to Osaka.

Someone’s guarding our luggages.

She loves carrying her backpack. On regular days before we head out, we have to persuade her not to bring it along because it’d be one more bag we need to carry at the end of the day.

Since she’d ask to be carried half the time, I’d tell her I can’t carry her if she was carrying her bag.

One morning she was very persistent about carrying the bag despite me telling her she’d have to walk on her own then.

She said to me, “I carry my bag. I walk on my own.”

To her credit, she walked most of the way to from the train station to our Airbnb that day.

She saw me taking photos and made this face. 😆

While Jiejie was busy with her phone.

Look ma, more stairs!

But this one’s better because it is not as steep. It’s not carpeted and Allie slipped and fell once. 😪

The highlight of the Airbnb.

The girls absolutely love this room.


The “boring” room according to Clarissa.

Very comfy though!

Another favorite feature in the “treehouse”.

Lots of space-saving features in both homes.

In the first home, the bathroom also doubled up as a drying room for the laundry. You can hang your clothes in there, set a temperature and leave them to dry.

Both homes had a toilet bowl which comes with a basin on top, and when you flush after using the toilet, water comes out of the tap for you to wash your hands.