Osaka Day 5

We headed to the Osaka Aquarium on Day 5.

It was a direct train from our stop so yay to not having to change trains.

A bunch of school kids and their teachers were in the same train and when we eventually walked there, we realized there were MANY kids on excursion to the aquarium.

Obligatory photo at the entrance, with Destiny. 😆

Most efficient phototaking service ever.

The staff took one with their camera and also took a number of photos with mine, and said it’s ok if we don’t buy the photo from them.

So nice of her!

We collected our photo right away, instead of at the end of the tour.

Duck duck! Always a hit with the girls.

I have so many photos of them looking into the tanks like this. 😍😍

Allie was so excited she kept clapping and saying, “Yay!” or “Wow!” while Clarissa would take Allie’s hand and lead her to the next section, “Come! Let’s go and see more fish!”

The aquarium is huge – five levels – but it got a little repetitive after a while.

This was the best photo I could take of them with Dory and Nemo.

Both girls were tired by then, and Allie fell asleep on my shoulder.

The hubs took over the carrying because my arms were falling apart.

Off we went for lunch at the food court!

Yakisoba is always a hit. 😆

I was planning to share it with Clarissa, and get something else for Allie when she woke up.

But she woke up just as Clarissa started eating, and wanted the noodles too.

Ice cream!

Also always a hit.

So cheeky.

After lunch we popped by the drug store for a “reccee” trip to check out what we can buy after visiting Legoland.

We wanted to get plasters for muscle aches and other medication. 😂

Allie went to the baby shelf, picked up a formula dispenser and declared to me, “Mummy, I want this!”

We asked her to put it back, but she refused to and got really upset.

In the end it was Clarissa who solved the problem of us not wanting to buy it and Allie not wanting to leave without it.

She said to Allie, “Ok Allie! Let’s go and pay!”

And then she took Allie’s hand and started leading her to the cashier while turning back to whisper to me, “Mummy, we pretend to go and pay. Pretend only!”

Sure enough, Allie willingly handed the item to the cashier, while I quickly explained that we were not planning to buy this item but would be back for other stuff later on.

We left the store and Allie promptly forgot about the formula dispenser. 😂

And then we went to Legoland Discovery Centre!

It’s not the theme park, but a few areas had height restrictions for kids below 90cm so Allie wasn’t able to enter those, and as a result Clarissa wasn’t too keen to play too.

There were enough stations to have fun, like:

Building a vehicle and test-running it.

Or building any structure you want and shaking it up.

Allie spent a long time here building and pressing the buttons.

But the most fun part of the centre is the slide. 😆

Allie went crazy here, sliding down, laughing and climbing back up to slide down again.

The big girl too had fun while watching out for her sister.

When we said it was time to take a break, Allie didn’t want to leave.

We counted down, spoke nicely, threatened to leave without her, nothing worked.

Clarissa pleaded with us on Allie’s behalf to go “one more time” which we agreed initially, but Allie wouldn’t keep to it.

She kept running back to climb up the steps again to go down the slide.

So we said no.

Eventually managed to take the girls to the toilet and wash up.

But Allie became obsessed with using the soap and washing her hands and refused to leave the toilet.

I had to carry her out of the toilet despite her violent protest and crying.

Managed to get her to the counter to order some snacks but she insisted on buying a bottle of mineral water.

We asked her to buy something else..

And she did this:


Life is definitely better with big sisters.

Despite her tantrums, I love how Allie always turns to Clarissa for help and comfort, and how Clarissa always manages to calm her down and then guides her along.

That’s why we have sisters!

I’m always thankful for mine, and I hope our girls would always be close.

For some strange reason I didn’t feel flustered by Allie’s tantrums that day, possibly because I knew it was because she was tired and couldn’t control her emotions, and also because I’m kind of used to her quirks?

As a result I’m more amused by than angry with her? 😂

Love these Lego models!

We went to watch a 4D Lego movie.. in Japanese.

Allie got restless towards the end of the 10-minute show.

And Clarissa fell asleep behind the 4D glasses. 😂

We went to the drug store for our shopping and when we walked out, the girls saw this street performance and immediately walked over, sat down and watched the show while munching on biscuits lol.

Like it was the most normal thing to do.

Went to the okonomiyaki restaurant near our Airbnb and had yakisoba and okonomiyaki.


Allie wanted to feed herself but she soon got impatient with noodles dropping off the fork and started using her hands lol.

And that’s what she did for most of our meals during the trip.

By Day 5 we’ve settled into a nice routine.

The girls get to “swim” and splash around in the bathtub, I’ll shower them, the hubs showers and takes the girls upstairs to play or read, I’ll shower, make milk for the girls and head upstairs.

The girls would take their milk and then go to sleep.

I’ll head back down stairs, wash the bottles, chitchat with the hubs about our day, plan for the next day, and then call it a night.

It might not seem like a big deal, but I really like our little routines like this on a holiday.