Osaka Day 7

Up at 6am.

One gripe I have about our Airbnb is how there are no blackout blinds and light streams in as early as 5am.

It is also quite nosiy, since it is in the intersection of 2 small roads, and there are motorcycles and cars and trucks driving past even at 3am?

So in Osaka the girls are usually up by 6am.

We lazed in bed until it was time to wake Daddy up.

Breakfast at the table.

Continued on the steps.

Making funny faces at the mirror. 😆

Clarissa wanted to bring her Ariel doll along for the day, but we said no because we didn’t want to deal with the parts coming off or dropping.

She didn’t protest further, but looked really sad.

Allie came to me and said, “Jiejie is sad.”

Which took me by surprise, because I didn’t know she understood “sad”.

So we told Clarissa that she could pick another capsule if we saw one along the way.

And, whoa. 😄

Enroute to Kuromon Ichiba Market, where the girls found more capsule machines.

Clarissa got a tsum tsum (alien?) that could light up, much to her delight.

Allie got a figurine from Sanrio that looks like herself? 😄

Clarissa wanted to have ice-cream initially but we said no since it’s still early in the morning.

So she chose something else and surprise, surprise..

She wanted strawberries!

I triple checked and she said yes, strawberries.

The girls are not fans of fruits.

I tried.

But fruits are usually the furthest in their minds when it comes to choice of snack.

I thought I would end up eating 2 out of the 3 strawberries, but no, she finished all 3 on her own.

Allie was quite fussy that morning, demanding to be carried all the time and I really couldn’t manage holding the strawberries, the bag, Allie and Clarissa’s hand.. so Clarissa took over and said, “It’s ok Mummy, I can hold the strawberries properly.” And gestured me to carry Allie while she walked closely beside me. 😍

We ended up sitting in the “free seating area” for tourists most of the time while the hubs went on a food hunt.

Clarissa also had some apple juice and steamed sweet potato!

Allie fussed and fussed and eventually fell asleep on my shoulder.

Her nap time was getting earlier each day – it was around 1130am the day before and now it was barely 1030am!

We cabbed to the next destination.

And she promptly woke up lol.

At Animo Yumekawa Animal Park (Indoor Zoo)!

I saw a few cats walking around and immediately decided to wait for them outside. 😅😂

600¥ for 20 minutes; I think it’s just nice.

They had so much fun!

Allie’s expression 😍😍.

Clarissa to me, “Mummy next time you try going in ok? We will wait for you outside.”

Allie to the soft toys outside the mini zoo: “Byebye bunny! See you ‘morrow!”

Fixing the Sylvanian family set she got from the capsule machine outside the mini zoo while waiting for lunch to be ready.

They both loved the oyakudon so much they had second helpings!

Allie was on a self-feeding roll! Though she spent some time picking out only the rice to eat.

She slurped up all the chicken and egg too in the end.

Though when I asked her what she wanted to have for lunch, she said, “Rice, no meat.” 😂

Done! Very nice set.

We walked to Dotonbori after lunch.

Obligatory photo with Glico man. 😆



We took a photo of Clarissa taking a photo of us and Allie cheering us on. 😄😄

Quite nice? 👍😄

Took a break at Honolulu cafe.

Love the setting!

My table mates!

We sat there people- and river- watching for a while.

Yep, ice-cream again.

Just to see their happy faces.

And ice-cream moustaches.



Sharing a joke with Daddy. 🥰🥰

Obligatory photo with the big crab.

Lost sight of Daddy and Jiejie who were walking in front of us amongst the crowd. 😅

We move quite slowly, because 12kg, no joke.

This girl asks to be carried about half the time, when she’s tired or when there are too many people or when there’s nothing interesting for her to step or run on.

It’s very back- and arm- breaking business.

To make it more difficult she’d often lean forward because she wants to look around?

So I’d tell her to hug me closer so it’s easier for me to carry her but she often forgets.. and I’d tell her, “Mummy’s arms are breaking. Can you come down to walk?”

And that’s when she’d quickly throw herself onto my shoulder to hug me lol.

We were not in the mood to shop at Dotonbori but there was another ferris wheel ride so i suggested going there before heading back.

And both girls fell asleep when we were walking over.

So we sat down by the river and let them sleep while we took selfies. 😆

I think they slept for a good 45 minutes?

Headed to the ferris wheel when they woke up!

But there was a height restriction for kids under 90cm so Allie couldn’t go on it.

The staff was very nice to show us the seat to explain to us why kids below 90cm cannot sit on it.

So the hubs and Clarissa went while i stayed behind with Allie, who got really upset about not being able to join them.

I distracted her momentarily with the bottles in the Don Quijote store but she insisted on standing at the exit of the ferris wheel ride, “I want wait for Jiejie.”


We went shopping in Don Quijote after the ride.

Bought myself a small Zojirushi bottle, snacks for the girls and let the girls pick one Tomika car each.

Allie picked a yellow bus and Clarissa picked a hello kitty car – very characteristic of them lol.

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