It’s been a busy few weeks.

Holiday, work trip, birthday celebrations and a very busy week at work with lots of pre-reading documents and review meetings.

By the time I got home I usually had 30 minutes to change and eat before I whisked the girls off to shower.

I was so tired I dozed off with the phone in my hand every single night.

This explains why I have “Osaka Day 8” in my drafts but no photos, no full sentences, and only a few points I noted down during the trip.

I’ve also started experimenting with posting on Instagram.

Late to the game as usual, but I think it’s a good platform to share little snippets and thoughts.. while I save my long grandmother stories for this blog.

Let’s see how it goes.

I need to get my mental capacity up and running again.

It’s a little of a chain reaction, pretty much like the dinner situation on some days.

Allie would want to be fed by Jiejie and only Jiejie, and so Jiejie has to feed her. But Jiejie isn’t able to multitask so their Yaya has to feed Jiejie instead.

In other updates:

Love for bow clips going strong..

While our picky eater finds love in fish fillets.