Osaka Day 8

I don’t remember what Allie was crying about, but we had a slow start on Day 8 because she was up at 2am, crying for Daddy, after a good week of sleeping through till 6am.

“I draw Yaya!” She said.

Jiejie’s drawing.

I took a photo of Ariel and showed it to Clarissa, but she was not impressed.

“She’s not looking at the camera!” She said.

So this was her take. 😄

On our way to Nara!

By now Clarissa knew the drill.

“How many trains do we need to change?” She’d ask.

It was drizzling when we got there so we decided to have lunch first before taking the long walk up.

Stopped by Daiso to get rain coats and an umbrella in case the rain got heavier.

It was in fact really hot. 😅

Glorious sky.

Deer spotted!

The deer are polite yet aggressive.

They’ve been conditioned to bow if you direct them to, before giving them their food.

Yet they follow you around, head-butting you if they think you’re withholding food from them.

It was very stressful for me. 😂

Much-needed water break.

It was so warm I was regretting my choice of outfit for the girls.

Found a cafe after visiting the toilet and took another break.

Someone saw a deer ice cream at the counter and asked for one.

I think they must have had ice-cream every day for at least five days in a row by now.


Allie took her time to attack the waffle first while Clarissa quickly finished the waffle so she could have the ice-cream.

Allie was amused by the ice-cream on Jiejie’s nose.

Happy ice-cream faces.

They started singing the ice-cream song that goes, “Ice-cream ice-cream chocolate ice-cream..” and every part of the lyrics seemed to exactly describe the situation.

“It’s a holiday! And it’s also a hot day!” Clarissa exclaimed, justifying why they needed to have ice-cream. “So we are having ice-cream!”

Anything for your cheeky and happy faces!

Made our way to Shizuka.

Took a very nice little trek.

Just us, while the girls were busy playing with the stones.


📷: The hubs

📷: Clarissa.

Asian squat FTW. 😂😆

They held hands and helped each other through the tricky steps.

Shared jokes I didn’t get.

Bumped their bums together.

It was quite a lovely walk.

Tired already. 😂

The hubs and I took turns to visit the museum while the girls stayed outside for their video fix.

We couldn’t get a cab back to the train station so we took a long walk.

Allie was fast asleep while Clarissa was fueled by her biscuits.

At this point Clarissa asked me to keep her biscuits away. 😂

She was worried that the deer would snatch her biscuits.

Finally, on the train back.

Clarissa was so tired she actually dozed off while we were standing at the platform.

That was where she dropped her bow hair clip, I think.

And then the hubs discovered that Allie was wearing not one but TWO diapers.


Back track to the toilet visit before we sat down at the cafe:

We found a toilet cubicle and I went in with both Clarissa and Allie.

The toilet was very dirty by Japanese standards.. probably caused by tourists. So I was busy helping Clarissa use the toilet and making sure she doesn’t touch anything else.

Allie was sitting on the changing table while I was doing all that and of course she was touching everything.

So in my hurry and the heat and humidity and smell in the cubicle, I’d forgotten to remove her diaper before putting a new one on. 😂

Guess two diapers are better than one when it comes to preventing leakage? 😂😂


The other one happened in Kyoto.

It was probably 6am in the morning and i was still half asleep.

Clarissa was up and I got up to make milk for her. Dropped some zyrtec into her milk before giving it to her.

“Mummy, the milk is very spicy,” she said to me after taking a smalll sip.

“It can’t be,” I said to her. “I only put zyrtec. Try again.”

Being the good girl she is, she took another sip and said, “It’s really spicy.”

I became fully awake, took the bottle, took a whiff of it.. and realised that instead of dropping zyrtec into the bottle I’d dropped my peppermint essential oil.

I’d placed it on the floor next to the bottles and water and zyrtec. The size and dropper mechanism are similar so I carelessly assumed it was zyrtec.

I quickly apologised and went downstairs to make another bottle for her.


Got back to our treehouse and gave the girls a good shower.

Clarissa asked me to take photos of them in the bathtub because “it’s our last time in this bathtub before we go home tomorrow.” 😆

Blowdrying station.

“Mummy can we take a photo on the stairs since it’s our last night in the treehouse?”

Of course.


Meimei ran away before her hair got dry hence the wet hair. 😅

Dinner at a tempura restaurant.

That came with a play area for kids.

So the girls got to play after they were done eating and we got to finish our food too.

Headed back to the treehouse and did some packing after the girls fell asleep.

It’s been a tiring but really fulfilling trip with the girls.


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