Osaka Day 9: Home bound

Up bright and early once again, on our last morning in Osaka.

(Almost) all the stuff we got from the capsule machines.

Breakfast on the stairs, bright smiles all around.

And then we packed while the girls watched some shows on YouTube.

Famfie at the girls’ favourite mirror. πŸ˜†

Moving off!

We took a cab to Osaka Station to take the limousine bus to the airport.

I figured it would be more manageable than taking and changing trains with 2 suitcases and 2 girls, especially since the hubs hurt his back one day ago.

Snacks on the bus!

Allie dozed off with a biscuit in her hand while Clarissa finished hers before falling asleep.

Reached the airport!

The plan was to get there early so we can have lunch, buy souvenirs and then spend the rest of the time in the lounge.

But we discovered that the check-in counter for SQ was only going to be open three hours before the flight. πŸ˜…

So we spent a lot of time roaming around before we could finally get into the lounge.

Allie spent a lot of time at the window looking at the aeroplane.

“Where (did the) aeroplane go?” She’d ask.

While Jiejie the cookie monster continues her quest for nice cookies.

In order to use up our coins, we got 2 more toys from the capsule machine. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

Before take-off, Allie said, “I want Daddy.”

So I let her walk over to the hubs.

The hubs took her, buckled her up, turned to me and said, “Shiok hor?”

But it lasted all of three minutes, because she decided the window seat wasn’t that fun and wanted to come back to me.

She fell asleep in my arms, until it was time for dinner and the crew helped me set up her bed so I could put her on it.

It didn’t work, as expected. πŸ˜‚

She woke up really grumpy.

Dinner wasn’t great either, everything was too salty.

But she cheered up soon enough.

The other toy from the capsule machine was a mini lamp. πŸ˜†

She turned into Doctor Allie and used the lamp to check on Mama Duck and her own foot. πŸ˜‚

Both girls had milk and fell asleep for the rest of the flight.

Poor Clarissa was so sleepy she was dozing off even after we landed. She continued sitting down, moving really slowly so the hubs jokingly said we’d leave her in the plane, and she started crying.

She was still visibly upset with her Daddy when we were waiting for our bags, and Allie came to me and said, “Jiejie is upset.”

Hehe good observation.

We got home, gave the girls a quick shower before tucking them in bed.

Thankfully I had already packed for my business trip the next morning so there were just some loose ends left to tie.. but I think I only managed to sleep at 3am.

Traveling with kids is always tiring, but always fulfilling.

They might be too young to remember everything or anything, but we have photos to show and stories to tell.

I’ll tell Clarissa how much of a trooper she is, always game for new experiences and adventures, and always looking for slides and bathtubs in the places we stay.

I’ll tell Allie how she cried so much in the car seat we had to pull over at the highway to calm her down, and how she points at every aeroplane she sees flying across the sky and tells us, “Aeroplane going Japan!”

I’m glad the hubs and I have pretty compatible travel styles and skill sets.

We need to have both quantity and quality when it comes to spending time with the girls, and traveling together as a family definitely enables both.

And I think kids understand and love that.

There were many times throughout the trip where Allie would smile while going back and forth to look at each of us, and exclaiming, “Mummy, Daddy, Jiejie, Allie!”

I think it’s her way of saying, I’m so happy we are here together!

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