Rainy days

A little elephant in gym class today.

If you are turning left, you need to stick your tongue to the left as well.

It’s been raining so much these days I can’t decide if I enjoy this weather, where the temperature inside an air-conditioned room is higher than that outside.

On our way back from the car this rainy afternoon, I carried Allie because the ground was wet.

“Allie, can you hug Mummy?” I asked her so she could shift her weight towards me. I was losing my grip because she was leaning forward a little too much.

She turned around and gave me a big hug, resting her head on my shoulder.

“I love you!” she said to me as she hugged me even closer.

I guess that’s the point about rainy days.

It’s to allow us to put on warm clothes, snuggle closer to one another, and have all the warm and fuzzy feelings.

I love you too, Allie.